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The internet plays a pivotal role in our day-to-day life. If you are not studying, shopping, or selling on the internet, you are probably getting entertained. This means that almost everyone in Malaysia uses the internet for fun, learn, buy or sell services and products. 2020 confined us into our houses as the pandemic ravaged the entire globe. The internet provided a solution for keeping in touch with friends, family, and the rest of the world without compromising our safety. 

Top Online Tips for Malaysians -2021
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Below are top tips to have a one-of-a-kind experience online.

1. Use a reliable internet

Currently, almost every public utilities offer free Wi-Fi. For instance, your can access free internet when visiting a hotel or even an airport. Most business persons use Wi-Fi as their strategy to draw more traffic to their businesses. Public internet sources are not always safe. They can get hacked, and you risk losing very vital information to fraudsters. If you decide to use public Wi-Fi, make sure you don’t access applications like e-wallets and other banking softwares. Avoid accessing emails or opening your useful details while using public Wi-Fi. Get an internet package that you can access via a wireless portable gadget or, even better, through a mobile hot spot. As long as the internet is concerned, avoid freebies they can be more expensive than you think.

2. Get and use strong passwords

Choosing a strong password enhances your online safety. Just like having a strong lock combination on a locker, a strong password is essential for securing your data, privacy, and money. Most people fall for using their birthdays as passwords, but anyone can guess that, especially if they have your details. Google provides you with unique password combinations that you can use. Additionally, avoid saving your passwords on your gadgets. If your phone or laptop fell into the wrong hands, you risk losing your savings, crucial information, and privacy.

3. Don't download everything

The internet is full of click baits! Avoid clicking or downloading every link you receive. Online scammers use enticing links to prompt you to open or downloading malware into your devices. These destructive programs can delete all your important information and files from your device, causing lots of damage. Some of these individuals will then ask you to send the ransom to get your data back. Just stay focused online and don't click or open any programs that look suspicious.

4. Do your research

The internet is one of the largest market places in Malaysia. Whether you are shopping, selling, learning, or having fun, the first thing on your mind is the internet. Most world-class businesses have embraced online platforms in delivering goods and services. There are hundreds of legit businesses, and scammers as well. Before you place an order, bet, or enroll in an online platform, read reviews on the provider. You can never go wrong with experiences, complaints, and reviews of those who have walked in your shoe before. It's your only way to know which online platforms are legitimate.

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