Gifts for Beauty Lovers

Shopping for beauty lovers can be mind-blowing if you don’t really know where to look or if you’re a husband, brother or son buying for someone special. That is why we are here to help! There are new beauty products and trends appearing every single day, and most of us love trying to stay up to date with as many of them as possible. During lockdown, our access to the salon and our professional beauty friends has been restricted. This means we are all looking for ways to look the best we can with what we can do ourselves at home. The pandemic may leave your loved ones feeling less than ideal, being stuck at home for so long and probably not looking after themselves the way they would like. You can change all that by giving them the perfect gift. Whether it’s their birthday, Mother’s Day or you just want to cheer them up, this list of our favourite beauty gifts will give you the head start you need. 

Gifts for Beauty Lovers

First off, there are thousands of gifts sets available in pretty much any retail store, so shopping local could still find you what you’re after. Head to your nearest cosmetics shop to look at the gift sets and deals that they have on offer. Very often, they will have sets of beauty products or makeup on for a fraction of the price you would normally pay.

Brands such as Revolution have become increasingly popular with their new products and palettes, as they remain completely affordable yet are at the top of drugstore makeup trends. Rihanna’s makeup brand Fenty Beauty is also available in Boots and Sephora stores and is hugely trending at the moment. If these stores confuse you even more, why not just purchase a gift voucher for one of them and gift that to your loved one? This way they can choose their own gifts and guarantee that they love them. 

If you want to splash out a bit more and show you have really made an effort, looking online is probably your best bet. Sites like Beauty Bay and Look fantastic are your best friend at this point. Makeup gift sets are more often on sale on these sites, letting you save huge discounts while shopping for high-end brands. 

Look for Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss sets or eyebrow kits, as these have become a favourite. If your budget is a little bit more flexible, eyeshadow palettes from brands such as Jeffree Star and BPerfect have become globally renowned for being high quality and often sell out. However, there are hundreds of other amazing palettes online that are not quite as steep as those just mentioned, so see what you can find. 

If you’re shopping for a really special occasion or for someone who’s taste is a bit more expensive, there is no end to high-end beauty brands and the different products they provide. Some firm favourites with women of all ages are brands such as Charlotte Tilbury and Dior, which remain timeless through all of the new makeup trends. 

People are less likely to try new products themselves when the price tag is a bit higher, so anyone would appreciate being gifted such high-quality new makeup products. If you know they already use a product from one of these brands, even better! Try and find out their favourite products or even just the brand they use and go from there. These types of makeup brands are available on the high street and online at sites such as Harvey Nichols and Selfridges.

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