4 Apps for Buying Bus Tickets Online

Malaysia may not be a large country but it still proves to be a happy and spacious home for its population of over 30 million. While many people do use private vehicles, public transportation is preferred and takes precedence over private vehicles. While there are trains taking you from one place to another throughout the country, the stations are situated at the center of cities which requires travelers to have another method of transportation to get to their final destination. The better and more popular mode of public transportation is the bus which can connect many different neighbourhoods, big towns with small cities. There are many bus companies which operate both domestic and international routes.

4 Apps for Buying Bus Tickets Online
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Growing Popularity of Bus Apps

Buses are preferred more than trains when it comes to traveling inter-city and inter-state in Malaysia. They may take twice or thrice the time as compared to a flight but you save a lot of money and that can be used in exploring, eating and shopping to your heart’s content! Within this ecosystem of bus travel, there are some great apps that have come under the spotlight for buying bus tickets online for traveling in Malaysia. These bus ticket online apps allow passengers to complete their bus booking on the travel site rather than needing to take the offline route of visiting a ticket counter. 

Apps for Buying Bus Tickets Online

#1 redBus

redBus is currently the world’s largest platform for buying bus tickets online. With just the click of a button, you can travel from one city to another. Ever since its inception, redBus has revolutionized the bus ticket online booking industry by connecting passengers with bus operators with almost 80,000 routes. With its mobile app garnering major success, redBus has today built the largest community of bus travelers in the world. Running in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and India and with both, website and mobile app, having a straight forward, user-friendly interface. 

#2 Easybook

Founded in 2005, Easybook.com comes as a one-stop platform that sells bus tickets online in Malaysia and Singapore. They are the largest bus tickets online booking system in Southeast Asia, having sold over 1 million tickets for 300 bus operators covering over 5000 routes across Southeast Asia. Been in the business for more than 15 years but Easybook still offers the same quality and service. Both the website and application are easy to use, though the application has a very slight lag when it comes to the booking. There are many options for pick-up, drop-off and bus operators, so you can choose what is most suitable for you. 

#3 CatchThatBus

CatchThatBus is a relatively new entry into the field of buying bus tickets online booking systems. It equips consumers with the ability to browse options and to purchase tickets from a range of trusted operators to over 500 destinations in Malaysia and Singapore. CatchThatBus has 700 routes, 40 bus operators, and 1500 buses. CatchThatBus has a website and a mobile application, both simple to understand and operate to book your bus tickets online. 

#4 Eticketing.my

eTicketing.my is a the leading-edge source that provides a one-stop ticketing solution and reservation for bus tickets online and other forms of transportations through  an online system made accessible by consumers over the internet. Eticketing.my has hundreds of bus operators and offers immediate confirmation upon booking. The online ticketing system strives towards producing a lot of business opportunities in the information technology industry while also making it easier for people to purchase their tickets from a digital platform. The features on Eticketing.my are not only innovative in nature locally but also brimming with high technology for future international markets.

While most of these bus tickets online portals have been around for many years, it is only in the recent years that they have been gaining popularity. These digital platforms are very convenient and easy to operate, having been built based on what the consumers like and want. Downloading one of these apps will be one of the best things you do today!

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