5 Useful Beginner Tips For Home Bakers

1) Read the entire recipe before doing anything

Sometimes, our enthusiasm and passion for baking can cause us to rush into baking a certain product be it pastries, cakes or more. Many people, especially beginners, tend to go through the ingredients carefully while only scanning through the baking steps briefly. Imagine going shopping and purchasing all your baking supplies and baking ingredients online. Just as you’re back home and getting ready to bake, you realize you’re missing an essential baking tool such as a whisk or baking sheet. Definitely something you don’t want happening. Besides that, you can also get a better idea of how long and the amount of effort it will take to bake a certain product based on the recipe.

5 Useful Beginner Tips For Home Bakers

2) Invest in a kitchen scale

Too often people tend to forego the scale and use their baking ingredients based on a rough estimation. By investing in a kitchen scale, you’re making the entire bakingp rocess more efficient. You’re using the optimum amount of ingredients which save costs and make your cake or pastries taste great while also using less utensils which means less cleanup! Why worry about tedious things like how many nuts are in half a cup of nuts when investing in a kitchen scale can make your life so much easier? 

3) Not all ingredients can be substituted for another even if they are similar in type

A good example of this would be substituting active dry yeast for Mauripan instant dry yeast which is a big no. Although both ingredients are classified under the category of yeast, there is a big difference between them. Active dry yeast is required to be dissolved in water before usage while Mauripan instant dry yeast can be mixed directly into dry ingredients. There are many other examples such as baking soda versus baking powder so keep this point in mind when baking. 

4) Don’t neglect quality

Whether it is choosing between cheap chocolate or quality chocolate like Callebaut dark chocolate or simply baking equipment, quality does play a role in the final outcome of your baking product. In this day and age where the internet exists, everyone, not just professional bakers or pastry chefs have access to quality baking supplies and equipment at affordable costs. So be sure to take quality into consideration the next time you decide what baking supplies you’ll be using. 

5) Have fun

Too often do we set high expectations for ourselves be it in baking or other things. Even if the final outcome of a cake, bread or pastry does not turn out well, don’t get discouraged. Enjoy the journey of learning baking courses, and soon without realizing it, you’ll be baking like a professional in no time.

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