Best Online Job Opportunities for Women

We live in a world where technology advances rapidly, and things that were previously impossible, are now easy. One of those things is getting a traditional job that you can actually do online, such as home tuition.

Best Online Job Opportunities for Women
Online Makeup Tutorials [ image: pexels by cc0 public domain ]

But if you’re a woman who’s looking for an online job, things might seem tricky. After all, not everyone is comfortable with things like working on webcam sites, not everyone has the required skills for certain jobs, but that’s something that can be dealt with.

If you’re a woman looking to get an online job to either create a passive source of income or supplement your main income, here are a few opportunities. 

Do Makeup Tutorials

If you’ve been doing your own makeup for some time now, what’s to stop you from teaching others how to do that as well? There is no denying that a lot of ladies aren’t sure they’re doing a good job, so having someone who will teach them how to apply various types and styles of makeup is always a great idea.

Now, you might be thinking that there are far too many makeup artists doing this for you to be able to make money off of this. But the thing is, that won’t matter to you that much. What’s important is for you to be good at it, and be persistent. You want to get an audience that follows you and listens to your advice on makeup, and you’ll quickly establish yourself as an authoritative person in the world of makeup.

And when that happens, you’ll start to see the benefits. You’ll have brands sending you their products to use and advertise and not only do you get a lot of things to try, but you’ll be paid rather handsomely, too. 

Work as a Tutor

Tutoring is another one of those jobs that you can do if you’re good at something. And while some think that tutoring is only possible if you’re good at things taught at university, you’re actually wrong. You’d be surprised at how many people would love to have a tutor that will teach them life skills, or have someone that gives them yoga lessons, or whatever else it is they want to learn.

The key is to find the thing you’re good at and decide whether or not you have the patience to teach it to someone else. If you do, then you’re pretty much good to go. All that’s left is to plan out how you’d like to do the teaching, and then find clients.

What’s nice about tutoring is that it’s usually paid on a per-lesson basis, or an hourly basis. And the more engaging you are with your students, the more they’ll want you to do extra lessons, so more money for you. It’s something you can do from the comfort of your own home, as there are a lot of pieces of software that will make this a piece of cake. 

Start a Blog

You probably see where the inspiration for this stems from, but starting a blog is a great way to put your opinion out there and establish yourself as a knowledgeable person on the topic or niche you’ve chosen. Of course, a blog isn’t a way to get rich quickly, but it’s definitely an investment that can pay itself off very easily if you play your cards right.

Start a Blog [ image: unsplashed by cc0 public domain ]

When starting off, you should identify the things you’re passionate about. You can make a list of things you enjoy researching and talking about and see which one is suitablefor a blog topic. Make sure it’s something you can expand on down the line, as a niche that’s too specific will probably leave you limited with things to talk about.

Once you’ve decided on a niche, it’s time to find a way to give your blog a unique twist. This can be your personal perspective, or it can be a unique twist you add to the blog posts you create, but you should make your blog unique and different from anything else that’s already out there. This is going to be the reason people come back to your blog and re-read your posts over and over again.

At the end of the day, you’ll have a blog that pushes out content that’s informative, engaging, and most important of all, interesting to read for your audience. You can then focus on marketing and getting your blog out there, so you have even more viewers and readers that come back to your blog on a daily basis. Do a bit of optimization, and people will be able to come across your blog rather easily.

And last but not least, once you’ve established your blog as the go-to place for information, you can monetize it. Google Ads, brand collaborations – you name it. And the profits are going to be very well worth it. 

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