Ox-spicious Chinese New Year with ShopeePay

ShopeePay is working with Malaysians’ favourite merchants to bring cashback deals of up to RM8 to keep you in a festive mood as you greet the Year of the Ox, stay-at-home style. Teaming up with the likes of Bee Cheng Hiang, Unique Seafood, Soon Thye Hang, Starbucks, and Nando’s, cashbacks can be earned with a minimum spend of as low as RM10 when you pay with ShopeePay at these outlets. 

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Ox-spicious Chinese New Year with ShopeePay

So, check out these gastronomic selections as well as hampers to take home for the Niu Year: 

Nam Heong

Renowned and timeless flavours of Ipoh’s culinary heritage, try out the Nam Heong Prosperity Poon Choi and toss away with the abundant Nam Heong Fruity Passionate Lou Sang, all safely at home.

BMS Organics

If you are opting for a healthier you, start the new year with their Prosperity Healthy Yee Sang. If you are adventurous for a local favourite with a twist, indulge in their BMS Soy Milk Curry Laksa. 

Unique Seafood

Besides splurging on high-end seafood dishes, why not treat the family to some novelty from Unique Seafood? For a start, be enticed by their premium Cheese Baked Oysters, followed by the prosperous Baked Alaskan Crab with Salted Egg Yolk platter that is perfect for sharing. 


Spice up your new year with 4 Wingettes and Drumettes as starters, before enjoying a Fittest Chicken Meal + Coke No Calories to keep your appetite in check. Since sharing is caring, opt for the Jumbo Platter - two whole chickens with five sides for you and your loved ones. 

Inside Scoop

This local homegrown ice cream company makes the perfect dessert for those craving jackfruit and durians during this festive season. The delicious coconut ash flavour is sure to surprise many. Get yourselves a pint or two to share around the house for the occasion. 


If you’re not up for ice cream, Starbucks is back again with its seasonal drinks this CNY featuring a Pistachio Pure Matcha Latte! Fun fact - Green Tea lattes are only available in Starbucks branches in Asia. 

Bee Cheng Hiang

No New Year celebration is complete without some bakkwa and cookies. Head over to Bee Cheng Hiang and get the everfresh vacuum sealed pork or chicken bakkwa, and for something sweet and buttery - their Pineapple Tarts! 

KK Super Mart

Nothing says Chinese New Year more than beer, cider, and kuaci over a game of mahjong or while watching Kung Fu Hustle. Stop by a KK Super Mart this Chinese New Year to get a bountiful supply of these and more, even if you have to take the mahjong game online this year. 

Soon Thye Hang

While MCO 2.0 has been extended and it will be hard to dine together, nothing is stopping you from sharing some love and pampering your friends and family with the luxurious Brilliant Future or Supreme Treasure Chinese New Year hampers from Soon Thye Hang. 

Here’s to a prosperous Chinese New Year from all of us at ShopeePay!

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