5 Steps to Renew Your Old Motorcycle Backpack

For a motorcycle owner, getting a backpack is an investment. This means that you have the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want without worrying about your luggage. Most people like to rely on motorcycle saddlebags; however, saddlebags are good for carrying tool kits and other equipment that you will have with yourself at all times during all kinds of journeys. The case is quite different from a backpack because it has more space, and you can easily carry things that you will need specifically for your trip or journey. Let’s say you are going on a camping trip for a week and you want to pack. You can add everything you need in your saddlebags that is related to the journey. This includes the tool kit, protective gear, some eatables, water, or fuel. However, if you want to carry told for camping or you want to get something specifically for the journey like clothes and utensils, saddlebags are not a good option. For this, you will need to get a good and spacious motorcycle backpack

If you already have a backpack, but you are worried that you will need a new one soon because the old one has aged. You might want to continue reading the article as we will discuss the various ways you can easily clean your backpack and even save money by renewing your old motorcycle backpack. For the beginner who is unfamiliar with the ways and what can possibly be done, here is a step-by-step guide to completely renew your old motorcycle backpack.  

Know the Texture

If you want to clean your backpack, you need to start by evaluating the actual texture of the backpack. Starting from the basics, we all know that there are two main types of textures, the first is the leather backpack, and you can very easily see it, and you can determine the type. The other type is a synthetic backpack that is either made up of strong plastic-based polymers or fiber-based polymers. No matter what you have, this will give you a good idea of the things that you can possibly use. If you have leather, you need to be very careful because leather can easily be damaged with harsh chemicals. However, if it is completely synthetic, you will have other options as well.

Dust It Up

For the first cleanup, you can use any soft fabric and dust it all up. Try to clean the surface and open the backpack so you can hang it up somewhere. Then with the help of cloth or any fabric that you have, clean it completely. Once the surface is all cleaned up, you can then hang it with a clean wire and let it stay there for some time. After around an hour, the dust and sand stuck in the inner pockets will slide out, and you will see a better and clean surface. 

Make the Cleaner

Depending on the texture of the backpack that you have assessed in the first step, you can get a fabric-based cleaner from the market. However, these cleaners are harsh, and they can damage the out layer. When it comes to leather, you need to be very careful because leather has a very delicate outer skin, and with an industrial chemical cleaner, it can not only lose the shine, but it can further result in some major damage on the fabric surface, and you can see the upper layer peel off. For the synthetic fabric, you can get a good industrial cleaner that can thoroughly clean the bag. 

Wash It Up

Once you have the cleaner, you can now use it to wash the backpack. If your backpack is made of leather, you need to be gentle because using a washing machine will make the sure wrinkle, and you will be left with sharp lines across the surface that can be very problematic. However, for the synthetic fabric-based backpacks, you can use the washing machine. All you need is to add the cleaner some water and throw it in the washing machine. 

Dry and Polish

Once you are done washing it all up, you can then dry it. However, for a leather-based backpack, we do not recommend you to use direct sunlight. You can hang your backpack somewhere in the shadow so it can air dry. On the other hand, your synthetic backpack can be dried via spinner or directly in the sunlight. Once you are done, you can polish your backpack as well. However, strongly fragrant and thick paste-based polish is not recommended; instead, it is better to get something that is thin or oil-based.

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