Saniswiss Provides Safe Hygiene Solutions for Everyone

Advanced Apotheke Sdn Bhd is proud to announce that they are bringing in Saniswiss, a well-known safe hygiene solutions brand, to Malaysia. Saniswiss  a well-known name in more than 80 countries in every continent, develop, manufacture and market safe hygiene solutions for healthcare professionals and workplace to prevent healthcare acquired infections (HAIS).

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Saniswiss Provides Safe Hygiene Solutions for Everyone

There are more than just one kind of alcohol for Hand Sanitizers. These days, you may have seen a lot of agressive products which come most of the time from a type of alcohol called isopropanol.

At Sanswiss, they create their Sanitizer Hands H1 with bioethanol, a plant-based alcohol coming straight from beetroots! A major upgrade for your skin, your health, and the environment, and that's what we call the SAFE approach.

For more information about Saniswiss Provides Safe Hygiene Solutions For Everyone, please visit Saniswiss Malaysia Website, Facebook, and Instagram #saniswissmy

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