Ditch Dry and Cracked Hands For Good (7 Effective Ways)

Dry air, harsh cold, or all the sanitizer we use now...whatever the culprit, it's a problem! Try these seven effective ways to treat dry and cracked hands. With all the germs we're trying to keep away these days, it's no wonder hands get dry!

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Ditch Dry and Cracked Hands For Good (7 Effective Ways)

If you're struggling with dry and cracked hands, it could be due to:

● The cold weather is getting to your skin

● Washing your hands all the time is drying them out

● Using hand sanitizer is causing pain and irritation

All these reasons are frustrating and make it challenging to maintain healthy skin.

That's why it's vital to focus on finding and using the right moisturizing techniques. It may be tricky figuring out how to care for your hands while still keeping them clean. But rest assured, there is a way!

Here are some practical ways to treat your dry and cracked hands before they turn into leather. (Because no one wants to have leathery hands!)

1. Apply Lotion More Often

You may only apply lotion a few times a day — at best. It's hard to remember, especially if you get busy during the day. Plus, if you're washing your hands a lot, it's frustrating washing the lotion off.

That's why you must take advantage of those times when you're working and not up and about. While your hands are dry, make a habit of applying lotion several times a day until they start to improve.

After consistently adding lotion to your hands, they should start to retain moisture. And your cracked hands should heal up nicely.

2. Use Hand Sanitizer With Moisturizing Ingredients

Using hand sanitizer all the time can dry out your hands.

While it's essential to kill germs, you can still use a moisturizing hand sanitizer. There are tons of companies that sell hand sanitizer.

That's good news because some companies are taking it one step further:

They're incorporating moisturizing ingredients such as almond oil.

Using a hand sanitizer that doesn't completely dry out your hands is ideal. Just make sure the sanitizer has over 60% alcohol to be effective. If the other ingredients besides alcohol are helping your hands keep their moisture, that's great!

3. Wear Gloves While Doing the Dishes

When you're doing the dishes, put on a pair of gloves. Wearing them gets annoying because sometimes it can be hard to get them on and off. But taking the time to wear them can really help.

Gloves will act as a protective barrier and prevent water from drying your hands out more.

So find a fun pair of gloves to put on while you're doing the dishes. It should make a difference now that you're not drying your hands out under hot water all the time.

4. Try a Cream or Ointment

At times, dry and cracked skin can lead to itchiness. When your hands are itchy, scratching them can make things worse. Instead of itching non-stop, try an ointment or cream.

Getting a non-prescription hydrocortisone cream or ointment is best. They should have at least one percent hydrocortisone to be effective. Applying a cream or ointment can soothe your hands and prevent you from scratching them.

After a while, if your dry and cracked hands don’t get better, consult with your doctor about medication. A prescription steroid cream, for example, can treat skin conditions such as eczema.

5. Wear Gloves at Night

It may feel odd wearing gloves at night, but they lock in moisture!

Find a pair of gloves that’ll be comfy enough to wear while you’re sleeping. Cotton gloves are the best because they’re comfortable and breathable. You should be able to sleep through the night without them bothering you.

Still, if you’re sensitive, it may take some getting used to. It’ll be worth it, though, because gloves can help tremendously. 

Before hitting the hay, apply plenty of lotion to your hands. Then, put on your pair of gloves right after applying lotion. That way, you’ll lock in the moisture right away. By morning, your hands should feel and look a lot better!

6. De-stress by Doing Your Favorite Activities

Dry, irritated hands also flare up when you’re stressed out. Unfortunately, stress affects a lot in our bodies, from gut health to your skin.

That’s why you should work hard to keep your anxiety under wraps.

Even though a lot is going on, find time to walk or listen to music. If other hobbies help you unwind, do them more often.

Kicking stress to the curb will help you cope with your troubles, and it’ll keep your skin in better condition.

7. Try a Humidifier

Have you ever been around a humidifier?

It’s great for combating viruses, preventing snoring, and helps with allergies. Plus, it also helps your skin!

Due to the added humidity, your skin receives more moisture. And we all know when your hands are moist, they’re less likely to get dry.

If you haven’t tried one yet, give it a shot. It could help your skin and also contribute to a peaceful night of sleep.

Speaking of sleep, it’s best to use a humidifier at night. Testing it out at night is the best way to see if it’ll help your hands regain some of their moisture.

Don’t give up easily, though. It’ll take more than a few nights for your hands to feel better!

If it does work well for you, turn one on every night before you go to sleep. It’ll help keep your skin smooth and moist! Plus, you get to enjoy its many other benefits as well!

8. Visit spa for regular manicure

In addition to regular day care in the winter months may be beneficial not only for your hands but also for your well-being. According to the latest online surveys people who get manicures feel happier and less tired even weeks after their visit to the spas Fredericton. At least one regular manicure a month makes you happy and refreshes your hands!

Having dry and cracked hands is annoying and frustrating when it gets painful. Thankfully, there are ways to combat dry skin by applying these techniques.

You don’t have to try them all at once. Start with a few and see if they work. If they’re helping, add on a few more. Soon enough, you’ll figure out which solutions work best for you.

Even though we’re all having to wash our hands a lot doesn’t mean we have to have dry hands the rest of our lives. Work hard to keep them moisturized, and your skin won’t have to suffer nearly as much!

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