Beginners Guide to Using Vinyl Banners for Promotional Purposes

When you think of making a banner to hang at a convention center or the outside of your business, it is ideal to choose vinyl custom banners, which are highly cost-effective and of high quality. However, there are plenty of choices and variants in vinyl banners, so a beginner may get confused with these when they first approach a vinyl printing services provider. Here, we will discuss some of the clients' common concerns and plan for vinyl custom banners. 

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Are vinyl and tarpaulin banners the same? 

It is recently noted that the term tarpaulin banners are used interchangeably with vinyl banners as it is a common usage at the marketplace as the vinyl covering sheets are usually called tarpaulin sheets. The new users may confuse whether these are the same or the vinyl banner is something different. In reality, tarpaulin banner is an amateur term used instead of vinyl banners, which both are the same. 

Choices of vinyl materials and durability 

The professional printers of custom banners mostly use high-quality vinyl sheets. The non-porous types of outdoor vinyl banners are usually printed on quality 13 oz. Material. This can be best in terms of durability. The window banners are usually printed on 12-ounce smooth vinyl, which has a matte finish. This vinyl material is also ideal for double-sided printing and can ensure the window displays' draping effect. 

Table banners are usually made of 12-ounce block-out smooth vinyl, which will not curl and offer a professional finish to the display. Vinyl mesh banners are the perfect choice for outdoor. 8 oz. mesh material will let winds pass through it without blowing up the banners. These are also very lightweight and perfect for building displays. There are plenty of print cheap vinyl materials available, which you can choose from based on your needs. 

Full-color printing 

Vinyl banners can be printed in full color as vinyl sheets are phot ready. Digital high-resolution printing can be done on vinyl banners. Matte finish vinyl material is perfect for sunny locations and with artificial lighting indoor. There are also shiny vinyl variants available, which you can use for other indoor purposes. With a matte finish outdoors, your photos, graphics, and messages will not glare and easily readable to the spectators. 

The printers also use Ultraviolet (UV) curved ink for printing, minimizing the ink's fading. The image and printed on to the banners can last long by sustaining various weather conditions. However, long-term exposure to excessive sunlight, rain, and other environmental factors may result in the eventual loss of clarity and color over a longer period. 

Along with all these, you need also to make sure that the banners you choose should be easy to install using grommets and hems using ropes, cords, or plastic ties. You may use some loop fasteners, hooks, or suction cups for the table and window banners to fix them in place for the table and window banners.

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