How to Soothe and Treat Itchy Skin After Pregnancy

Is your skin feeling dry, scaly, and itchy right after having a baby? Have you been feeling more like a crocodile and less of yourself? If so, you might take comfort in knowing you’re not alone!

How to Soothe and Treat Itchy Skin After Pregnancy
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Also known as postpartum itching, itchy skin after pregnancy is an increasingly common issue faced by many moms. It is caused by a wide range of issues, including the hormonal changes that occur during and after pregnancy. 

In this piece, we shall look at after-pregnancy itching and ways you can soothe or treat it. 

What Exactly Is Postpartum Itching? 

In plain language, postpartum itching is the feeling of the skin being itchy and dry shortly after the baby has been born. It can affect some women a little bit more than others and can last from 4 to 6 weeks after birth if not longer. 

The itch can be present throughout the body, just in one area, or in various parts of the body, say the abdomen, breasts, arms, legs, or even the birth canal.

Common Causes of After Pregnancy Itching 

Since pregnancy and childbirth transform your body in many ways, sometimes it can be tough to pinpoint why she is feeling so different on the outside. But the itch can be caused by a range of things, some more common than others. 

The most common cause of after-birth itching is the fluctuations of the female hormones: progesterone and estrogen. These fluctuations might cause skin dryness, itchiness, redness, bumpiness, or all of these combined. 

Other causes of postpartum itching include:


Vasomotor tendencies


Chronic skin diseases

Uterine condition

A spontaneous inflammation reaction (SIR)

Certain medications or supplements

Environmental toxins

Soothing and Treating Post-Pregnancy Hives

There are several ways to soothe and treat postpartum hives. In most cases, the itch can be rectified using a Natural Skin Care Solution, which can help soothe the discomfort as hormone balance returns to normal. 

Sometimes it takes addressing the underlying cause to get rid of the itch. If you experience persistent itching right after your baby is born, it's a good idea to get in touch with your doctor. 

Below are some common ways to soothe and treat itchy postpartum skin. 

Over The Counter Creams for Itchy Skin 

Using over-the-counter creams like corticosteroid cream can help provide short-term relief for itchy skin after pregnancy. Corticosteroid creams work by decreasing inflammation.

A good example is Hydrocortisone, which hydrates and moisturizes your skin to relieve dryness and itchiness, eventually leaving you with softer skin that looks more radiant. 

Wearing Loose Clothing 

Another effective way to alleviate itching postpartum skin is to wear loose-fitting clothing made of breathable fabric. Tight clothing can trap moisture and aggravate the itch. 

Use a Tender Lotion or Balm

Regularly rubbing a soothing lotion or balm can also ease itching after pregnancy. A gentle lotion like Aquaphor or a similar product can be a good choice. It can be applied as needed to the affected area. 

Get a Warm Bathtub Bath

Another good option is to soak in a bathtub full of warm water for as long as you want. This is especially helpful for itching skin with eczema. Make sure you gently scrub the area with a good soap before bathing.

Observing Proper Skincare After Pregnancy 

Regardless of what causes itching postpartum, it is always best to always observe a clean skincare regimen while avoiding potentially irritating products, such as lotions that contain certain fragrances or additives, until the symptoms are gone. Here are a few more helpful tips. 

Wash affected area using warm water, gently patting dry 

Moisturize using gentle products 

Avoid wearing make-up 

Cool your skin 

Use essential oils like coconut oil

Visit Your Doctor or Derm for Advice 

If the symptoms continue after 3 to 6 months after pregnancy and you are experiencing a severe itch, it is wise to see a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment. They will also recommend ways to prevent postpartum skin itch in case you plan to have another baby in the future. 

As much as you're happy you just welcomed a new bundle of joy, after-pregnancy itch can be downright terrorizing. The above are just some of the ways you can get relief or even eliminate the problem for good. 

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