Recipes & Inspiration 2022 HennessyMyWay Winners

Here are the Top 10 Malaysia HennessyMyWay Sustainable Cocktail Challenge Winners' Inspiration & Recipes

Recipes & Inspiration 2022 HennessyMyWay Winners
Monkey Business by Joshen Chew (Hyde@53)

Method In Madness by Arsenio Mariano (Moon Bar)

Efficiency is one of the values highly practice in hospitality. Maintaining inventory is an essential part of sustaining the efficacy of maximising the potential use of products.

With the recent lockdowns, some of the beers is reaching it's best use by date. Here, I decided to incorporate the Heart of darkness first sunset pale ale into my cocktail for Hennessy My Way, a perfect match for Hennessy XO oaky, vanilla and toffee notes.


45ml Hennessy XO

45ml Heart of Darkness First

Sunset Pale Ale Reduction

10ml Yuzu juice

1 barspoon Yuzu Rind Compote

Black Sesame Tuile garnish

Henne-City by Avai Saravanan (Wetdeck - Woobar, W KL)

Henne-City by Avai Saravanan (Wetdeck - Woobar, W KL)

Sustainability plays a massive impact in economic,environmental and social to cocktail where we ensure to avoid damages and wasting natural resources.

I’ve always find ideas on using every parts of items while making a cocktail in order to filtrate usable wastages.

Benefits of growing my own herb and flowers in the bar is to be free from plastic packaging.Its also organic and pesticide-free.

Expired beer which are ought to be disposed can be reuse to make desirable homemade syrup reduction or ingredients for cocktails.

Pineapples are my ideal fruit where it can be used from head to toes. Besides using just the flesh,the husk and leaves are useful for my cocktail making as well.

I started using metal straws for my cocktails because its eco-friendly and can be recycled an infinite amount of time.


Hennessy V.S.O.P-50ml

Fresh Pineapple Puree-45ml

Lemon Juice-30ml

Guinness Gula Melaka Syrup-20ml

Cardamom Infused Southern Comfort-20ml

Basil leafs-2-3pcs

Vessel-Pineapple Husk

Garnish-Pineapple leave, Pineapple balls, Orchid flower

See Trust by Chloe Tan (Cabinet 8 by JWC)

Be it lemons, limes, grapefruits, citruses are the most used (and wasted) fruit in a bar. As sustainability becomes more and more concerning, we want to reach zero waste of materials at the best level we could. Hence, I am presenting our latest sustainable cocktail, with Hennessy V.S.O.P

We used all the different parts from a citrus, and processes them into different materials.

After juicing the citruses, the leftover fleshes are infused into citrus syrup that smells and tastes like a citrus bomb.

The citrus peels are blended, and distilled into citrus water, and made into refreshing citrus soda.

The leftover from the distillation and infusion process will be dehydrated, and used as the smoking ingredient to provide an extra citrus woody scent to the cocktail.

The cocktail is topped with a chocolate truffle that is locally sourced and processed in Pahang, Malaysia, to complement the chocolatey note of Hennessy VSOP.


Hennessy V.S.O.P 45ml

Citrus Infused Syrup 10ml

Chocolate Bitter 3 drops

Distilled Citrus Peel Soda 120ml

Citrus Foam

Chocolate Truffle (Pahang Malaysia)

Monkey Business by Joshen Chew (Hyde@53)

In conjunction with this year's #hennessymyway sustainable cocktail challenge, I've decided to use bananas (and its peels!) as the key ingredient in my cocktail creation – Monkey Business.

I start out by fermenting very riped bananas, as well as its peels, for 3 days with organic brown sugar and water, to create my very own banana beer. This, along with Hennessy VSOP and a few other ingredients, brings Monkey Business to life.

On the side, the cocktail is paired with dehydrated banana blossom, seasoned to perfection, all wrapped in aromatic banana leaf.

As a bartender and an ex-patisserie chef with years of pastry experience, I am proud to say that Monkey Business is a delicious liquid pastry created with the best of both worlds – dessert and booze, with a touch of sustainability.

Ingredients Required

Hennessy V.S.O.P 45ml

3 Days Fermented Banana Beer 30ml

Dark Chocolate Liqueur 15ml

Chocolate Bitters 3 Dash

Fresh Lemon Juice 10ml

Heavy Cream 15ml

Teguk Wangi by Loo Hoong Xiang (61 Monarchy)

How does one choose between the rich and comforting flavours in a cup of coffee or tea, versus the invigorating wake-me-up from a tall glass of breakfast martini? Meet "Teguk Wangi", the South East Asian "Cham" reinterpreted into a clean yet creamy, decadent serving of a morning cocktail. Translated as "A fragrant sip", the "Teguk Wangi" is an expression of velvety caramel, vanilla flavours from the Henessy VSOP, clarified pandan milk tea, and stale coffee bean, finishing off with delicate, elegant pandan and earl-grey notes.

Sustainability by reusing coffee bean, pandan and no ice and water during operation


Hennessy V.S.O.P

90ml clarify yogurt pandan milk tea

50ml coffee and liquorice infuse Hennessy

1 spray of pandan coffee

Garnish pandan leaf and coffee bean

Queen With Benefits by Raz Ng (Gekko Dining)

Queen With Benefits by Raz Ng (Gekko Dining)

One of the easiest ways to become more sustainable in cocktail making is to use the fruit to its full potential. Here is my take on a zero-waste approach for this year's #HennessyMyWay.

Mangosteen, the "Queen of Fruit" is a tropical fruit with its origin from Southeast Asia with a sweet and sour taste. In addition, it has a rich, delicate texture and slightly sour flavour which complements @hennessy XO's sensationally smooth, complex but also soft tonality with a hint of cocoa and a warm fruity presence.


30ml Hennessy XO

10ml Fino Sherry

2 – 3 Whole Mangosteen Pulp

Sun-dried Mangosteen Rind

Gekko’s Tonic Foam

Zest of a Lemon

Cassa(no)va Highball by Rolend Ten (Backdoor Bodega)

As a bartender, I work with many different fresh ingredients behind the bar. And the more I learn to incorporate different produce in my recipes, the more I learn to respect the ingredients I use and be thankful for the different ways they contribute to the making of my cocktails. 

Inspired by Hennessy’s sustainable viticulture in its grape harvesting process, my #HennessyMyWay cocktail uses my own locally-grown cassava plants from my backyard. 

Once harvested for its root, the rest of the cassava plant is usually discarded. By salvaging the plant’s leaves and stem, I aim to highlight the cassava’s versatility beyond just its roots, repurposing its stems as cocktail garnishes and its leaves as (edible) drink coasters. And just like Hennessy’s meticulous process of turning its grapes into cognac, my process of turning homegrown cassava root into a delicious soda that pairs perfectly with the fruity notes of Hennessy VSOP in a highball cocktail is not just sustainable but a rewarding one as well. My #HennessyMyWay cocktail is the Cassa(NO)va Highball — with the (NO) highlighting the no-waste making process of this cocktail.


30ml @hennessy V.S.O.P

90ml Homegrown cassava soda

Cassava Soda:

500g homegrown cassava root

100g brown sugar

3pcs fresh pandan leaves

120ml fresh coconut milk

500ml water

*Homemade cassava cake is made with leftovers from cassava soda process.

Henny-Ways by Sebastian Jeremy (DC Restaurant)

My expression of Hennessy My Way sustainability challenge will be on the idea of one ingredient utilised in a variety of ways.

Focusing on grapes, I utilised every part of it by using the juice as the fruit sweetening agent, extracting the bitterness from it's seed and turning the mash into a compote for the final touch.


40ml Hennessy V.S.O.P

15ml Pierre Ferrand

20ml Grape juice

10ml Honey juice

10ml Lemon juice

3 dashes Grape seed bitters

3 drops Foamee

No-Waste Nucifera by Thanesh Joel (Backdoor Bodega)

Growing up in Penang island, the coconut is a staple of our everyday life. However, once the coconut is used for its milk (santan), the rest of the coconut is most often discarded as waste. 

Together with Hennessy, I'm proud to present a cocktail that not only fully utilises the whole coconut, but also displays the versatility of Hennessy VSOP by pairing its vanilla and fruity notes with the rich and exotic flavours of coconut. 

Inspired by Hennessy's "grape to glass" ethos, my sustainable cocktail journey begins with the selection of the best coconuts in Penang and ends with not only a well-balanced cocktail, but also the "glass" itself — repurposed from my used coconut shell, along with a handmade coaster from my discarded coconut husks. Delivering a unique and zero-waste drinking experience that showcases a sustainable savoir-faire like no other. This is my #HennessyMyWay cocktail.


45ml Hennessy V.S.O.P

30ml Fresh coconut milk

10ml Coconut pandan syrup

Pinch of salt

Shake with ice until cold

Garnish with fresh pandan leaf and sprinkle with toasted desiccated coconut

Serve in repurposed coconut shell on homemade coconut husk coaster with Hennessy coconut gelée*

Hennessy Coconut Gelée

30ml Hennessy V.S.O.P

60ml Coconut water

10ml Coconut pandan syrup

10g Agar jelly powder

Stir in pot over low heat until agar powder dissolves then let cool in designated jelly mould.

Elixir Of The God by Mike Fan (Bartailor)

With Hennessy V.S.O.P


Hennessy V.S.O.P - 45ml

Disaronno Amaretto - 30ml

Vanilla Syrup - 10ml

Chicken Essence - 1can

Ginseng - 4pcs

Wolfberry - 4pcs

Red Dates - 3pcs

Dried Chrysantimum - 3pcs

Garnish: Chicken Skewer

Glassware: Tea Cup


Heat Up Chicken Essence

Put All Herbs Ingredient Into The Mixing Cup.

Pour In All Liquor And Syrup Into The Mixing Cup.

Torch It!

Top Up With Chicken Essence (1 Tab)

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