8 Outfits That Go Well With Cat Eye Glasses

Cat-eye glasses are an elegant fashion accessory that goes well with various outfits. It’s a great complementing piece from simple casual style to sleek streetwear. 

8 Outfits That Go Well With Cat Eye Glasses

Creating the perfect outfit of the day (OOTD) for work, school, and a day-to-night look can be challenging. Depending on the weather, you might need to layer more pieces. Wearing cat-eye glasses can make your overall outfit more harmonious and sophisticated. 

Here are eight outfits that go well with cat-eye glasses. 

1. Basic Tee And Trousers

Cat-eye glasses are an elegant addition to basic clothing pieces. They can complement the simplest everyday outfit and transform it into a chic and refined look. 

A plain white T-shirt and neutral-colored trousers are essential wardrobe pieces. It’s the pairing you can depend on when you want a simple yet elegant look. You may also wear a jacket or a trench coat over it during cold seasons. 

If you’re aiming for a classic look, you might find cat eye glasses such a perfect match. They come in different sizes that look flattering on any face shape. Even with the simplest outfit, wearing one can make you look and feel classy. 

2. Classic Turtleneck Shirt 

Turtleneck shirts are staple autumn and winter pieces. You may wear one as a base for layering or a stand-alone piece. 

Wearing a turtleneck shirt with your favorite cat-eye glasses creates a geeky chic look. You can pair it with trousers, a miniskirt, or a pleated midi-skirt. It’s also perfect for a smart-casual outfit you can wear in the office. 

Wear a loose turtleneck sweater and a glossy leather mini skirt for a classy and fabulous winter outfit. You may also wear black stockings and knee-length boots for extra warmth. Complete the look with black-framed cat-eye glasses and some jewelry. 

3. Neutral-Colored Blazer 

Blazers are an excellent layering piece you can wear over basic outfits. It can instantly make the look more polished, depending on the style you’re going for. 

Neutral-colored blazers are the most flexible in terms of design. The most common muted shades are beige, gray, white, and black. These colors look flattering to everyone. When choosing which one to wear, always stick to your color palette. 

Cat-eye glasses with white or black frames can fit any neutral or earth-toned outfit. They can also perfectly complement a variety of makeup looks. 

4. Vintage Dress 

Vintage dresses come in different cuts. The most popular and chic one is an A-line dress. The upper part is usually body-hugging, accentuating the natural body shape. They may be sleeveless, long sleeves, or puff sleeves. 

Cat-eye glasses made their way to mainstream fashion in the 1960s. It has been around since the ’30s but made its breakthrough when fashion icons like Audrey Hepburn started wearing them. Since it’s a vintage piece, pairing it with a classic dress lets you time travel in style. 

5. Summer Dress 

A summer dress is the best addition to complete your season-appropriate wardrobe. Cat-eye sunglasses can make even the simplest beach attire look polished.  

Summer dresses are characterized by simple cuts and vibrant colors. They usually come in floral and tropical prints in bright tones like white, cream, yellow, and green.  

Wearing a summer dress can be intimidating due to its vibrance and simplicity. However, adding accessories like cat-eye glasses, layered necklaces, and bracelets can spice up your look. 

6. Casual Shirt And Shorts 

A casual shirt and shorts are also perfect summer loungewear. This combo is comfy and breathable, allowing you to move freely even in warm weather. 

Plain t-shirts and shorts may look overly casual for streetwear. However, you can always improve it by wearing a cardigan and cat-eye glasses. Just wear your favorite sneakers, loafers, or slippers, and you’re ready to make the street your runway. 

7. Artsy Outfit 

Cat-eye glasses are on the edgy side of fashion. It can look intimidating when worn with an equally overpowering outfit. 

The artsy fashion style is perfect for those who want to wear something with a distinct character. Like a painting, artsy clothing pieces are vibrant and textured. Anyone with a unique taste can bravely rock this style. 

Wearing cat-eye sunglasses can complete the edgy, artsy look. You’ll surely be a head-turner when you walk down the streets. 

8. Designer Coordinates 

Designer coordinates are your match if you’re aiming for a sophisticated look perfect for attending fashion shows. Pair these with your favorite cat eyeglasses, and you’ll look like a fashion icon. 

The skirt and suit coordinates are elegant and sleek. This pair can complement any body type. Depending on the color and design, these can be worn with strappy heels or high-heeled boots. Since they come as a set, you don’t have to take time to determine whether they match or not. 


Cat-eye glasses are pieces of accessories you can use to spice up your simple everyday outfits. They can also make your elegant outfits even classier.

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