Appealing Benefits of Surrogacy in Mexico

Imagine embarking on the surrogacy route and not having a clue what country to choose. And what should be the criteria? After spending hours exploring countless offers and complicated laws from different countries, intended parents still have to come to a specific decision.

Luckily, one of the best options in recent years is surrogacy in Mexico. You may have already heard what this country has to offer but, if that’s not the case, consider contacting such a reputable surrogacy agency as World Center of Baby. Here we will answer all your trickiest questions about surrogacy in Mexico.

Surrogacy in Mexico Outline

Surrogacy in Mexico is a treasure trove for foreign IPs who are seeking the goal of becoming parents. The first and perhaps the best thing you should know is that the law permits heterosexual, gay and single parents to resort to surrogacy in every state of the country except Tabasko which you should consider while weighing all the pros and cons.

Another important thing is that Mexican surrogacy legislation only allows gestational surrogacy. It means that the surrogate mother in no way can lay up claims on the baby because there is no biological link between them.

One more thing to add about surrogacy law in Mexico is that the names of both intended parents are indicated on the birth certificate. This is ensured by a special court order that confirms the contents and terms of the agreement between the IPs and the surrogate mother. Since birth takes place in a clinic in Mexico, it is a perfect opportunity to also receive a Mexican passport for a child. Consider it a pleasant bonus.

All in all, from a legal standpoint, Mexico as an option for the surrogacy process is a country that takes care of what is convenient to you despite your gender or marital status.

Final Things To Consider

After considering your best options – surrogacy in Mexico should definitely be one of them – you may still encounter pitfalls on your way to parenthood. Luckily, you can easily refer to a prominent surrogacy agency in Mexico like World Center of Baby that will guide your way to success.

To book a consultation with our medical experts, please visit the WCOB website and we will make sure that no your question will be left unanswered.

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