Wedding Right Around the Corner – Here’s My To-Do List!

Hire a DJ to Set the Mood

The music at my wedding needs to be nothing short of perfect. That's why I've hired the best DJ in the area to compile a sweet, tender playlist that will keep all of our guests in a good mood, and to make sure that all of the tune’s flow well. If your wedding venue is in Portland, it is wise to employ a Portland DJ from DJ Cutt Entertainment who is very flexible to play specific songs of your choice. I also plan to hire a group of classical musicians to play a piece as I walk down the aisle!

Wedding Right Around the Corner – Here’s My To-Do List!
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Hire a Professional Decorator

One of the most important aspects of any wedding is the atmosphere. The venue needs to look beautiful but not overstated, which can be a difficult balance to strike. So, I have decided to consult a professional decorator to figure out how to make things pop. Every special day needs a suitable theme; I was thinking more modern with bursts of pretty color. Hopefully, the decorator will agree with my stylistic choices!

Look My Best

My wedding will be the most important day of my life, and thankfully, there will be a whole load of pictures to memorialize it! But I can’t look happy in them if I don’t feel as good as I’d like to.

I have never taken great care of my skin, but now that my wedding is around the corner, I’ve started to take facial rejuvenation much more seriously. My goal is to look young, confident, and vibrant, so I am going to use moisturizers, firming creams, and exfoliators to prevent any stress blemishes. I may even get a few Botox injections to look as refreshed as possible!

Make and Send Unique Invitations

I am excited to express my creativity by making handwritten invitations. These will look more unique than printed cards and will also be more fun to send out—I’ve always adored arts and crafts! I want to show all of my guests that I will deeply appreciate their presence.

Alongside the invitations, I am thinking of sending out goodie bags and tickets to indulge at the bottomless bar. How exciting!

Buy the Most Beautiful Wedding Dress

It’s no wonder that finding a dress takes time—every bride needs the perfect fit! My ideal dress will not only adhere to my body type, but also match the venue. The last thing I want to do is show up to our gorgeous wedding chapel in a baggy, neon-green dress!

There are so many dress colors and styles to choose from, which makes the task of choosing daunting, but I am sticking to my intention of picking out something that accentuates my natural beauty. For extra advice, I am going to bring my mother on my shopping trips—she has a great eye for fashion, and I can trust her to be honest about my decisions!

Find Luxury Amenities

Our guests deserve the most exciting wedding experience possible, which is why my fiancé and I have invested in the most luxurious amenities. For example, we have already secured an adorable photo booth and a full-service bar, both of which will be huge hits. Personally speaking, I am looking forward to sharing a delicious cocktail with my friends and family members during the after-party. Cheers to the bride!

The stage has been set for the best wedding I can imagine. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle and celebrate this incredible day with everyone I love!

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