Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office for a Graphic Designer

One of the reasons why so many graphic designers fail is that they don’t take themselves seriously enough. They see graphic design as something that pays the bills when they should see it as a business. Having a nice place to call your office will both motivate you and keep you more disciplined. It will also push you to up your game and act professionally. Let’s take a look at how you can create the perfect home office for a graphic designer.

Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office for a Graphic Designer
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Pick an Area You Enjoy

One of the mistakes people make when they set up a home office is tucking it as far away from any type of activity in the house. They usually end up picking a secluded area in the attic, basement, or worst of all, a garage. 

Instead, you should see if you could use an empty room in a central part of the house. The area should have a nice source of natural light and allow you to clearly see outside. Working in front of, or next to, a window can bring inspiration and will make you look forward to being in that room.

Get a Great Desk and Chair

The desk will be the centerpiece of the room and it should be as spacious and ergonomic as possible. It should look good as well hopefully. You want a lot of free leg space and decent storage space. We would focus on leg space first, however, as graphic designers don’t need to store too many documents. Make sure that the desk is adjustable too so you can find the perfect working position.

The next part is the chair. The most important thing here is making sure that it provides ample lumbar support. It should also be made from a breathable material and be fully adjustable. Prioritize chairs made from materials like leather or even better chenille if you want something you’ll feel cool and comfortable in all day.

Get a Great Computer

You now have to start looking for a great computer. You could purchase a laptop that will allow you to do graphic design work, but it would make more sense to get a desktop. 

Graphic designers need a machine with both a strong GPU and CPU and a laptop that has these two characteristics will cost you a small fortune, so you should at least have a workhorse of a PC as your main machine and get a smaller much more affordable laptop as a backup. If you're looking for a great machine for work, check out these desktop computers for graphic designing.

Make it Look Nice

Now you can start with decoration. Go for vibrant colors like orange and green for inspiration and consider adding floating laminate or luxury vinyl floors if the floors don’t look that great in the room you picked. Carpet could also work. Add some spot lighting and seats in different areas so you won’t be tied to your desk. Consider adding greenery and water features for tranquility and to foster creativity.

If you do everything we suggest in this article, you should have a great home office at the end. Use these instructions as a guide but don't be afraid to add your personal touch as well.

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