Quinton Academy Opens Skycac Creative Arts Centre to Cultivate Local Talents

Recently, Quinton Academy had their soft launch at SkyPark One City. It aims to provide various academic fields of choice to students interested in the film and performing arts industry with an emphasis on film theory and practice through courses, helping students to discover their film careers while bringing the local film industry to the international stage.

Quinton Academy Opens Skycac Creative Arts Centre to Cultivate Local Talents

Quinton Group, was founded by Lomo Pictures Sdn Bhd which is also owned by well-known publisher, Aron Koh in collaboration with "Penulis Skrip Jutaan" and director, Ryon Lee.

It was established to nurture local professional talent in the entertainment, acting and film production industries, providing local drama series, various shows, performing arts, new media and all media-related industry networks and hardware and software resources.

They also established the Skycac Creative Arts Centre, which offers a variety of academic options to students interested in the film and performing arts industry and to nurture outstanding film production and performing arts, talented in helping the industry’s future development.

Aron Koh, Co Founder and Executive Producer of Quinton Academy

Aron Koh has been in the Malaysian film industry for many years. The success in producing many quality local films and also integrating local and foreign film production companies while helping to boost the local, Hong Kong and Taiwan film markets.

Meanwhile, “Penulis Skrip Jutaan”, Ryon Lee has also collaborated with Aron in several films including "Show Me Your Love", "Hounted Hotel", "Walk with Me", "House Of Happiness", "Smalltown Heroes" and so on, managed to establish themselves in the film world after, having a reputation and “box office” in the Malaysian Film industry.

MOU Signing Ceremony of Quinton Academy 

This time, the two teamed up with the Quinton Group to establish Quinton Academy as the birthplace of film and art talent.

Inviting Domestic and Overseas Professionals to Teach Professional Certificates Quinton Academy has established 10 new professional certificates including Cinematography, Sound Production, Theater and Acting, Musical Theater, Creative Writing, Content Director, Music Performance, Stunt Choreography, Production Management, and KOL Branding and Live Broadcast, nurturing talent in all aspects to become professionals in the film industry.

According to Aron Koh “As an experienced publisher in Malaysia, I have always thought that “talent” is the most important element in the industry. There are many talents in Malaysia but lack the opportunities and platforms to showcase their skills. Therefore, our main purpose for opening Quinton Academy is to find more passionate talent in the film industry and provide them with training and assistance to help improve the industry especially in Malaysia.”

Furthermore, Quinton Academy is comprised of many professional and qualified lecturers.

Quinton Academy Soft Launch

Aron added that currently the academy consists of various local directors, scriptwriters, actors and many more local professionals. In the future, they will partner Lincoln University College, Broadway Academy, and New York Film Academy while inviting a range of professional talent and professors from Italy, Australia and other countries as lecturers to collaborate and fulfill the academy’s vision to nurture more talent in film art and production industry.

Aron also stressed that the film art industry needs more compound talent in this era. Apart from teaching traditional professional courses, the academy also provides new media and influential teaching to promote the diversity of film art skills among students and will also create Diploma and Postgraduate courses in the near future.

Skycac As A Creative Base of Film Art

Meanwhile, Quinton Academy also established Skycac (Creative Arts Centre) as a centre for performance, film production, film and culture platform as well as a multi-purpose creative arts centre. It will provide a variety of performances on a monthly basis including music performances, broadway shows, choirs and more, highlighting local talent through art performances. 

The establishment of the arts centre is not only to find local talent, but also to help them pursue their dreams as well as support and promote local art groups to shine on the International film platform. 

For more information about Quinton Academy, please visit the official website: www.quintonacademy.com or call 012-345 1019 /012 979 1019


  1. Wow... another performing arts school in Malaysia. That's great! Oh, how I wish I'm 18 again. So that I can have a career in film.

  2. Those who are interested in pursuing a career in creative art should apply for Quinton Academy. Thank you for sharing, Kelly.

  3. bgs bila ada kolej mcm ni.. buka peluang lbh ramai anak muda samb di sini

  4. Terbaikla.. Siapa yang berminat bolehla cuba kan.. Mana tau diaorg lunya dream terlaksana

  5. Bagus program dari Quinton Academy ni. Bakal memeriahkan lagi industri perfileman. Sure mereka yang berminat tak lepaskan peluang.

  6. Bagus ada academy macam ni. Boleh asah bakatmereka yang berminat

  7. I wish Quinton Academy congrats and all the best. May this will mark a brighter future for the creative industry in Malaysia.

  8. First time I heard about Quinton Academy. Hope they encourage the locals join for improving our industry film, creative art and acting

  9. malaysia is definitely in need of more Creative Arts Centre to help build young talents! this is amazing news


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