All You Need to Know About Filing a 9/11 Prostate Cancer Claim

After the World Trade Center terror attack, doctors in New York and other parts of the country noticed a connection between prostate cancer and first men respondents at the site. After research was carried out, researchers from mount Sinai health discovered that those men exposed to the toxic chemical dust were developing chronic inflammation of their prostate. It was very unfortunate because the first indication of prostate cancer is chronic inflammation. The findings prompted the World Trade Center health program (WTC) to establish an initiative to help those men who developed prostate cancer due to the 9/11 exposure. Hence if you or a person close to you suffered from 9/11 prostate cancer need to know the following when filing to get the victim compensation fund (VCF).

All You Need to Know About Filing a 9/11 Prostate Cancer Claim

Eligibility Criteria

As a 9/11 prostate cancer victim, you should meet the following criteria:

• According to your circumstances, you should register with the Victims' compensation fund before the stipulated deadline. The deadline to finalize all the claims is set no later than 1st October 2090.

• You should settle, withdraw, or dismiss all 9/11 lawsuits by the outlined deadline.

• Show your physical injury or condition related to the 9/11 tragedy that is eligible for treatment by (WTC) health program. If your condition was settled, you could use the private physician process to show your condition or injury was treated by a private physician, and it was verified to have been caused by the 9/11 incident.

• You should be able to prove your presence at the venue or along the debris removal routes within the New York city exposure zone. Your presence at the site should be between 11th September 2001 and 30th May 2002.

• If you were awarded the original victim compensation fund that was paid between 2001 and 2004, you are supposed to show that your injury has worsened or you developed a new condition or physical injury that was not present when you were filing for the first claim. In addition, you are eligible for the second compensation if the first claim could not compensate your condition or injury because it means you were not fully paid for the losses you incurred.

• Suppose you are filing the claim on behalf of another person, for instance, as a representative of a dead victim or an incapacitated individual. In that case, you are required to show that you have been granted the legal authority to do that.

• You are supposed to file a claim after the WTC health program has certified your 9/11-related condition. The certification can happen any time before the deadline in 2090. VCF advises complainants to file their claim after their full scope of losses is identified and certified. This helps them to review your claim quickly and evaluate your compensation eligibility.

• It is a general rule that you should not have an active 9/11-related lawsuit when you intend to amend your claim for more compensation or when you are submitting your VCF claim. It is also required you identify all cases related to 9/11 when submitting the claim form.

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