6 Tips On How To Travel Around California By Car

The Gold State is well known as the road trip Mecca of the world. Some of the greatest American road trips, and some of the best road trips in the world, involve travel to and within this state. California is the third-largest state in America covering roughly 165,000 square miles. Within this massive expanse, you get access to all kinds of terrain, cultures, experiences, and climates, along with some of the most interesting and oldest American history. 

6 Tips On How To Travel Around California By Car
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However, given all these interesting features, it can be hard to figure out how you should go about a road trip in California. Especially if you are not a local resident, you might find the amount of information quite overwhelming. To make things simpler, here are 6 tips that will make a California road trip that much more seamless.

1. Driving Rules

One of the biggest differences for people coming from other parts of the country is the change in road laws. Everything from suggested speeds to driver behavior to overtaking lanes is different. For most people, this will take some getting used to. Initially, it can seem like people are being rude or they are just picking on you, but that is just the way traffic is in the Gold State. Go through the driving rules to understand what you can expect, and what you are allowed to do before you start driving in California. This will make it a lot easier for yourself and the people you are sharing the road with.

2. Car

California has a lot of tarmacs. Just the main highways such as Route 66, Highway 1, and a few of the other main highways offer over 50,000 miles of road reaching some of the safest places for driving in AmericaThen there are other smaller highways that lead to lesser-known regions, and of course, thousands and thousands of miles of a regular road. If you plan on taking a road trip here, you can be sure you will put at least a few thousand miles on your car. Make sure your car is in top shape and is up for the trip.

3. Routes

California is also home to some of the biggest cities in America. For instance, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Oakland. These places are home to millions of residents, so be prepared to face a lot of traffic whenever and wherever you go. Parking is a particularly painful problem in these regions. You can click here to find easy solutions for parking in big cities. Ideally, you should avoid rush hours on weekdays and tourist locations on weekends. If you can structure your schedule in that way, you will save a lot of time and fuel that you would spend waiting in lines. If you can’t avoid those hours, then make sure you have a full tank of gas, some snacks in the car, and a willingness to endure long hours in traffic.

4. Accommodation

California is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This is partly because it has so much to offer. Still, wherever you go, you will almost always find more tourists there, regardless of what time of year you're traveling. It will save you a lot of trouble if you could book your accommodation in advance. Also, make sure you look into the kind of services that are available in that area. In some spots, you might not be able to take your car; in other spots, you might only be allowed to camp. Keep that in mind when looking for accommodation.

5. Time

Highway 1, which is arguably one of the most popular roads in all of California is nearly 700 miles long and covers a long stretch of the California highway. When you factor in the many places along this highway that are worthy of your time, the trip time can easily be 1 week - ideally, two weeks if you really want to explore the region. So be sure to have enough time on your hands to really enjoy exploring the space.

6. Climate

California is home to desert areas and also snow-capped mountains. People coming from other parts of the world often underestimate the difference in climate just within this one state. Before you head out, look into the weather conditions and prepare accordingly. It can be a real hassle to drive for several hours and reach your destination to discover that you are completely unprepared. In such a big state doing your homework will help.

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California is quite expensive compared to other parts of America. Everything from gas to food to cinema tickets will cost you a bit more than usual. If you are in the big cities like LA, you can be sure that you will pay a premium price even for a McDonald's meal. Booking things in advance and budgeting before you head out for the road trip will also help you manage the trip more effectively and enjoy it a lot more.

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