Stops in a Bus Ride From Kuala Lumpur Sentral To KLIA, Where You Can Relax And Shop For Snacks

The bus route from Kuala Lumpur Sentral to Kuala Lumpur International airport 2 is a great as well as a busy route. The government of Malaysia has done well in introducing luxury buses from KL Sentral to KLIA2. The buses are safe, comfortable, very spacious and cheap. Tourists and passengers have the option to travel to KLIA2 in style at the end of their Malaysian holiday or on the next leg of a very enjoyable tour in this part of the world. This route is approximately 60 km long, passes by some of the best sites in Malaysia's capital city, and touches the picturesque countryside with soothing greenery until it reaches the airport complex.

Stops in a Bus Ride From Kuala Lumpur Sentral To KLIA, Where You Can Relax And Shop For Snacks

It is best for tourists and passengers to check their itineraries and book their bus tickets online well in advance. There are several bus service providers on this route. It is advisable to book bus tickets online from the Redbus site. The site will automatically book the required bus ticket with other service providers and affiliates. The bus ticket will contain all necessary details, including the bus number, the driver's contact number, and the pickup point. There are a few pickup points, and passengers and tourists have the option to choose their most convenient pickup option. When booking a bus ticket online, passengers and tourists also can choose their seats. The final bus ticket will even have the seat number mentioned. 

There are several ways of buying a bus ticket, and this can be done while boarding a bus itself though this can be risky at odd hours. There are also several bus kiosks and offices in the Kuala Lumpur Sentral mall basement where passengers and tourists can buy tickets on the spot and even a few days in advance. It is, however, best to buy a bus ticket online as passengers can be assured of a confirmed booking, a preferred seat, avail promos and discounts on the bus ticket price, choose a bus with confirmed stops along the way for some quick shopping and snacks, and be assured of reaching the airport well in time.

Some many passengers and tourists like small stops along the way to pick up some snacks and souvenirs. Understanding this need, Bus operators have now begun to make short stops at Bandar Tasik, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and SalakTinggi. Some buses stop at any two of these stops, and some make brief halts at all these stops. It is necessary, however, to plan in advance as the stops will take more than the 1 hour to 75 minutes normally taken to reach KLIA2, and passengers will need to select bus timings, giving the allowance to reach the airport 3 hours before the departure of their respective flights. Hence, passengers and tourists will need to select a bus service at least 5 hours before departure time, allowing extra time for these stops.

Most bus operators schedule 2 stops max and try and reach the airport well in time. Normally, one of the stops is for snacks and one at small shops and stalls selling special souvenirs. Most tourists like to pick up small gift items at the last moment, and this includes small gifts and mementoes. This kind of memento shopping usually gets overlooked, and people welcome this opportunity to pick up small items on their way out. 

Some people like to eat snacks during a bus journey. There is also the prospect of a three-hour wait at the airport, and both passengers and tourists like to pick up snacks for themselves and their children to ensure they do not have to spend a long time going hungry. Many people avoid airport food for the expense and like to carry their food until they board their aircraft.

The bus ride from KL Sentral to KLIA2 is a short trip, and the bus operators, including Redbus, have made this journey enjoyable and comfortable.

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