Being a Lash Tech: How To Start Your Business and Choose The Right Products

Beginner lash artists often take inspiration from experienced lash techs who have become successful in their field. As we all know, every success story begins with a single step. Choosing the right lash products and tools is the key to starting your own business as a brand new lash technician. Let’s explore all the must-have lash products you need in your professional kit and why lash extension supply stores should become your go-to places to shop.

Being a Lash Tech: How To Start Your Business and Choose The Right Products

Lash Primer

Apart from premium-quality mink individual lashes, beginner lash artists should also invest in lash primers. These liquid-based formulas are easy to work with during the pretreatment stage and their main aim is preventing premature extensions fall-out.

The Stacy Lash Primer was created to remove traces of body oils or makeup residue, and prep the natural lashes for applying extensions. From promoting stronger attachment bonds to preventing shedding, the Stacy Lash Primer belongs in your kit.

Eyelash Shampoo

Eyelash extension shampoo is another beneficial lash product every lash artist should incorporate into their routine.

Proper eyelash pretreatment and daily aftercare is the secret to keeping striking and long-lasting lashes. And using eyelash extension shampoo is the necessary step. This product removes excess oils from the skin and lashes and helps extensions maintain their voluminous shape. As the Stacy Lash Shampoo has a non-irritating and gentle formula, it works for all skin types and is perfect for daily use.

Eyelash Extensions

No eyelash extension session can be done without a tray of high-quality mink individual lashes. From classic black and brown lashes to more adventurous and daring colorful ones, mink individual lashes can suit anyone’s personal style.

With affordable prices and top-quality PBT material, the Stacy Lash Eyelash Extensions are the way to go. Peruse through the Stacy Lash lash extension supply store to visualize the variety of mink individual lashes available at your fingertips. Add soft lash pads to your cart and complete your professional lash kit!

Lash Glue and Gel Remover

Last but not least, all lash techs need reliable individual eyelash extension glues and gel remover for eyelash extensions. These two important lash products are how we can begin and end our eyelash extension sessions.

Lightning-fast and powerful formulas are a must when it comes to lash adhesives. Along with its quick bonding formula, the Stacy Lash Lightning Speed Eyelash Extension Glue contains extremely low fumes, minimizing the risk of eye irritation during the lash session. As for

the gel remover for eyelash extensions, it’s always best to loosen and remove our client’s lash extensions with extra care and precision.

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