Ways to Style a Jean Jacket for Mens

Just a few years back, people thought that jeans were only suitable for a man's lower half, right? But with the passage of time, it is believed that jean jackets can be made for the upper half, too. Nowadays, a jean jacket is something that can make you look gorgeous just by wearing a white t-shirt under the jean jacket.

Ways to Style a Jean Jacket for Mens

Actually, there are more ways to style a jean jacket for men. And, if you want to learn more about the topic, you cannot but visit Arcteryx because they have made it easier and more stylish. However, through this article, I will share some cool ways to style a jean jacket for men. So, keep reading to the end so that you can understand everything you need to know, right?

Why should you wear a jean jacket

Jean jackets come with a number of benefits when it comes to style and use. Wearing a jean jacket, you can pull and tug on your muscle and you will find no visible damage. Jean jackets are well-known for their strength. So, you can use your jacket for years without counting them.

Not only that, matching with your pair of jeans becomes easier and more stylish because your jean jacket is also made from the same clothes. You don't have to worry about the color of your jacket and a t-shirt under the jacket because it fits all colors and clothing.

A jean jacket will provide you with year-round comfort, meaning that you can wear it in both cold weather and in slightly hot weather. If you think of your thick coat to wear in the cold for warmth, it should be okay. But when it becomes hotter, you might find it uncomfortable wearing the jacket. For a jean jacket, it should not be the case you have to face. Instead, your denim jacket can be worn all year round.

Cleaning and maintenance are also easy and simple. Most denim jackets are washing machine friendly, meaning that you can simply put them into your washing machine, and within a few minutes you are done with the washing. But you should read the label on the denim jacket before you put it into the washing machine.

Choosing a jean jacket

If you are passionate about your denim jeans, you can choose one and add it to your closet. But it does not mean that you will buy one that does not fit you the most. Before you go for a denim jacket, you must try the jacket on you so that it best fits you. Otherwise, you might not like it standing before your mirror.

However, you must keep an eye on its fit and color when it comes to buying a denim jacket for you. So, let's have a short discussion about the fit and color of your jean jacket, right?

When it comes to talking about any garment you want to buy, the most important thing you have to consider is its fit. The same rule should apply to your denim jacket. It should not be too baggy or not too tight. If you have one that is very tight, you cannot feel comfortable wearing a simple t-shirt inside it. Similarly, it should not be too loose because you will not look too smart either. So, don't forget to have a perfect fit jean jacket for you.

Consider the right fit for you

This is the first and foremost consideration before you go for purchasing a denim jacket. It should be one that perfectly fits over your thickest top. Not only that, while pulling sleeves over a t-shirt, it should not be very tight. It means the sleeves of the denim jacket should go comfortably.

Another important thing you have to consider is its sleeve length. It should not exceed the creases of your thumbs. It is enough to reach the bends of your wrist with the ends of the jean jacket which looks pretty stylish.

Choosing the right color

Though any color jean jacket is suitable to match with your t-shirt especially if it is white, you can choose from their variation. Nowadays, different colors are available for denim jackets. According to me, blue should be classic and versatile and it sells the most.

You can also find blue jackets with different washes including dark, light, and medium wash. Among them, if you are looking for something that is more versatile, dressier, soft, and classic, your choice should end with the middle wash denim jacket. Apart from that, you can also use a dark wash or light wash jean jacket depending on your taste.

Your denim jacket with other clothing

A jean jacket is versatile and you can wear it with any garment you have in your wardrobe. For your bottom half with your denim jacket, chinos in different colors should go perfectly. Among the colors you can choose are gray, brown, tan, olive, and more. But in my case, I like to wear brown chino pants with my denim jacket that fits me the most.

You may also wear joggers or jeans pants having a contrasting color that will fit you. Others use dress trousers, corduroys, and many more with their denim jackets.

For the top part, t-shirts especially white or any other color that brings contrast to the jacket's color will do the best. Not only that, you can also wear hoodies, long or short sleeve henleys, plaid shirts, etc. All of them match perfectly with a denim jacket.

When it comes to style with your jean jacket, you have multiple options to choose from them. It varies from person to person because we have different tastes and styles. But a jean jacket with a white t-shirt and brown chino pants should be the best match for anybody.

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