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Bee-stung lips have become a trend in recent times. Hence, an increasing number of women decide to administer dermal fillers, which are a non-surgical method of lip augmentation. 

These injections provide temporary benefits only, meaning patients need to undergo more injections every six-nine months. There are numerous cosmetic studios in Langley providing botox and lip injections. 

Have a look at the types of injections and the reasons for getting them.

Reasons to opt for the procedure

Getting lip injections and Botox fillers is nothing but a personal decision. In order to be considered a suitable candidate for the procedure, you should have realistic expectations, be in good health, and have no active oral infection, such as cold sores. The majority of people interested in getting fillers wish to augment the size of their lips. 

Some of them opt for the process to restore their previous lip size. The aging process makes them smaller and thinner. The philtrum might flatten or get longer, whereas the distance between the mouth corners is likely to increase over time. Another reason to opt for such a cosmetic solution is to correct your lip shape, particularly in individuals where the shape is asymmetrical. Other reasons include wrinkle smoothening that appears in the mouth corners, as well as boosting your self-confidence. 

While such fillers don’t pause the aging process, they might delay the need for scheduling a surgical augmentation. Aging is known to reduce lip volume. Other contributing factors include smoking, sun damage, and genetics. These fillers last between twelve and eighteen months, depending on the age of the patient and his/her metabolism. 

Types of injections

There are multiple lip fillers used in the augmentation procedure, such as Restylane, Juvederm, collagen, and fat transfer. Restylane and Juvederm are among the most popular hyaluronic acid fillers in the market, which contain hyaluronic acid. This substance is produced by the body naturally. Restylane is injected into the lips, cheeks, mouth, and nasolabial folds of patients. Check out these surprising benefits of hyaluronic acid. 

Moreover, it’s approved by the FDA for augmentation procedures. For instance, Restylane Silk contains a smaller and smoother amount of gel for the purpose of providing precise results. Surgeons inject it into the lips with the help of a needle for maximum precision. It contains a local anesthetic named lidocaine, whose role is to alleviate pricking and boost comfort in the course of the procedure. 

The duration of the procedure depends on the number of injection sites. It usually takes between five and thirty minutes to complete. Individuals who choose this injection should expect inflammation and swelling following the treatment, which disappears in several hours. Other potential side effects include bruising, bleeding, and allergic reactions. Patients can see results from the procedure in just a few days. 

The Juvederm line of HA fillers is helpful in addressing the aging signs in the face area. Most patients, however, say these injections are ideal for boosting lip volume. There are Juvederm Ultra XC and Volbella CX fillers. Both of them improve lip fullness and plumpness. The latter is especially popular for adding fullness and reducing the aging signs around the mouth. 

The procedure itself starts by cleaning the injection site and administering one of these fillers into the area with an ultra-thin needle. In order to achieve the desired results, cosmeticians sculpt the substance into the right areas and shape it with their hands. Juvederm contains lidocaine, which reduces discomfort throughout the treatment. The cosmetician might decide to numb the site of injection with local anesthesia prior to the procedure.  

The most common side effects that patients might experience after receiving Juvederm fillers include bruising, lumps, redness, swelling, itching, and slight pain. Although the recovery time is minimal, professionals advise patients to avoid sunlight exposure, not to put on makeup and drink alcohol for about 24 hours following the treatment. 

Collagen lip fillers were the most commonly used type of dermal fillers, but their popularity has reduced in recent years due to the natural appearance and newly-discovered benefits of hyaluronic acid. Nevertheless, collagen is believed to last longer despite the lack of a naturalistic appearance. 

Ultimately, fat transfer injections are known to improve the fullness, size, and texture of patients’ lips. Surgeons commence the procedure of fat transfer by collecting fat cells from the abdomen, thighs, or buttocks of patients. These cells are then injected into the right areas. Doctors tend to inject approximately 2cc to 10cc of fat based on the decision you make regarding the volume. 

Fat transfer injection recovery time is significantly slower and might take weeks. In the first couple of days, patients might experience bruising, swelling, and stiffness. Eventually, these injections improve the appearance in view of structure and fullness. Fat injections provide more permanent results, but the procedure might require approximately three treatments.  

The healing process

There are certain tips to follow to boost the healing process, such as applying an ice pack to alleviate pain, swelling, and inflammation. During the first 24 hours, you should avoid wearing lipstick or balm. You aren’t supposed to pucker or touch your lips and be extra careful during teeth-brushing. You should drink lots of water and refrain from exercising for about 24 hours. 

A final note

This cosmetic procedure has become popular among women worldwide. The benefits might be temporary but definitely natural-looking!

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