7 Under $20 Must-Have Beauty Products for This Summer

The last two years haven’t allowed as much summer fun as usual. Although travel within countries was often only fairly limited, tourism as a whole came to a stop. 

7 Under $20 Must-Have Beauty Products for This Summer
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A quick look at a chart from Statista shows the incredible drop in tourists outbound from the US in 2020. 

Now though, with the world opening up, you may be planning a summer trip of your own. And, one of the fun things about traveling and going on vacation is stocking up on beauty products, and indulging in beauty treatments beforehand. 

However, you might want to keep your purchases to a strict budget. After all, you will be wanting to look your best, but you still want to be able to slip back with a refreshing cocktail or two when you arrive at your destination. 

Can you really buy must-have beauty products for under $20?

It would seem that you can’t buy all that much with 20 bucks these days, and when it comes to beauty products it would be reasonable to be a little skeptical. 

Many beauty products start at fairly exorbitant rates, and some treatments require saving hard for, or even loans or credit cards. It would be easy to dismiss the possibility of $20 beauty products as being worthless, but there are plenty that are worth your small investment. 

And fortunately for you, here are some of them. 

Self-tan lotion

If you haven’t had much sun recently, then you might want to get a fake tan before you shoot off on your holiday. Even if you’re not planning on traveling anywhere, a nice healthy glow is something to be desired. 

Obviously, fake tans are only temporary, but they do have the advantage of being affordable and also safer than soaking up the sun’s own rays. 

If you search online, or in your local drugstore you will be able to find self-tans for around and under the $20 mark. These are branded products too from Nivea, Neutrogena, Jergens, and more. One bargain product is the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs which can be found sometimes for under $10 on the net. 

Tanning mitten

If you decide to use self-tan, then you need to invest in another item. A tanning mitt. Many tan professionals such as Anastasija doesn't recommend self tanning without a mitt because you won’t get the results you desire. 

There are some very expensive tanning mitts on the market for professionals, but don’t be put off by these. Self-tanning mitts can come in for less than $10 in stores, and online. 

One word of warning though. If you choose not to use a spray tan parlor and use self-tan at home, make sure to prepare properly. Watch a self-tan guide and follow the instructions given. Choose a self-tan that won’t streak also. 

Hair removal products

One of the most popular beauty treatments for the summer, or anytime where a beach may be involved, is the Brazilian. However, even though this treatment is effective and works longer than shaving, it costs more than $20. 

And other hair removal treatments are even more expensive. You may have tried looking for laser hair removal on a budget, but it’s never going to match what you can purchase in a store. 

There are too many hair removal products to mention here, but what may be important for you is to choose by the ingredients. Kaolin clay is a good exfoliant, and others incorporate aloe vera, and vitamin E, to make the process easier on your skin. 

Sunscreen and other sun protection

Getting burnt is no fun, and whether you are staying at home or traveling afar, you need sun protection. If you want to go traveling on a budget without neglecting comfort, then look after your skin. 

Sun protection creams and screens can be notoriously expensive, so this is where promotions and the internet come in. 

Search Amazon and your local stores such as Walmart to see what offers are going on. You want a high SPF product, and you want it to be ideally waterproof and non-oily. 

Don’t forget your lips too. Vanicream lip protectant is under $10 for SPF30 and is suitable for sensitive skin. Lip balm is an essential, and some after-sun protection may be worth a little investment too. 

Rosehip oil for blemishes

While rosehip oil is not exactly summer-related, it will help you to look your best. According to WebMD, rosehip oil can help to trap moisture in your skin and protect it from damage. Qualities that would be welcome in a hot climate. 

The best thing is, rosehip oil is affordable too. Okay, there are some ludicrously expensive rosehip oil products on the market, but you can swerve those.

Try Radha Rosehip Oil which is totally organic and way under $20. 

Eye firming cream

Well, you want to look your best, don’t you? And, the summer and a holiday could involve a few late nights. Late nights lead to what? Dark puffy rings under the eyes. 

Not with a good eye firming cream they won’t. Normally eye firming creams involving collagen and other quality ingredients will sell for three or four times the budget recommended here. Fortunately, Mizon has one for less than 20 bucks. 

Hydrating face moisturizer

Neutrogena has a hydro-boost water gel on the market, which is a fancy way of saying a moisturizer. However, it contains hyaluronic acid which will help your skin to look fantastic, especially when the sun is doing its best to try and dry it out. Not to mention those late nights. 


Shopping for beauty products doesn’t mean breaking the bank. However, there are many products that work better than others. Some of these here may not suit everyone, but they are all under $20 and could be helpful to you. 

If you are heading out into the sun, the most important thing to remember is to protect your skin. A self-tan is far safer than soaking up UV rays, and sunscreen is vital. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water too.


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