Subway Seafood Patty

Hey seafood lovers! Subway Malaysia just introduced their all-new Seafood Patty - a deliciously golden breaded and crispy patty filled with juicy shrimp, squid, and fish that is sure to add a satisfying seafood experience to your next Subway visit. 

Subway Seafood Patty 

Surfing into Subway restaurants from 11 May 2022 onwards, the brand-new Seafood Patty is best paired with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green peppers, onions, and Subway’s signature spicy mayo sauce for that extra kick that takes this tasty treat to the next level.

The new Seafood Patty is available nationwide as Subs, salads and wraps, bringing Subway even closer to the hearts of Malaysians with irresistibly delicious offerings and value deals. 

Prices* for the new Sub are listed below: 

Seafood Patty 

  • 6-inch sub ala carte: RM12.90
  • 6-inch sub combo with 16oz drink: RM13.20
  • Footlong: RM19.00

*All prices mentioned exclude 6% SST

For more information and update Subway Seafood Patty, about please visit Subway Malaysia Website, Facebook, and Instagram 

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