Can You Wear Boots With Flat Feet?

Flat feet or pes planus, are a serious cause for concern for any individual. If you have flat feet, you shouldn’t ignore them as many individuals do. Because they tend to think that it's natural to have flat feet. Thus suffer unbearable pain throughout their daily activities.

Can You Wear Boots With Flat Feet?

What are flat feet?

Flat feet are a physical deformity, where your feet ' arches have a flat form rather than bending upwards. And with this physical deformity comes a whole lot of pain. Gradually this pain can move up from your ankles to your back. To help relieve the pain in your body, you can also wear supportive shoe insoles

Wearing boots can be a painful experience if you don’t consider the difference between flat feet and regular feet. With flat feet, your boots need some special requirements, especially their build structure. Continue reading to find out more about the requirements of a boot for flat feet.

Why Having Flat Feet Is Considered Bad? 

Having flat feet is a critical issue, it can cause serious problems to your health. It might not seem like much but it can cause serious injuries to your ankles and back. Especially, if you work under pressure and your feet go through a lot during your work period.

As we mentioned earlier flat feet are the cause of physical deformity in the feet’s arch section. The arch helps your feet to adapt to different surfaces. It behaves as a shock absorber and also stiffens up to propel the body forward during the push-up phase of each step.

But with flat feet, when walking or running, your feet can’t disperse the produced shock evenly. Thus causing severe pain to your body. Because the foot’s arch is a foundational pillar for your body, and with flat feet, it’s weaker and can’t provide the necessary support to your body. Through extensive research, we discovered four significant reasons for which you develop flat feet.

They’re as follows:

Wearing the wrong footwear.

Weak intrinsic foot muscles.

Tight curves & restricted ankles.

Weak Glutes (External Rotators).

Is It Safe To Wear Boots With Flat Feet?

Having flat feet doesn’t mean that you can’t wear boots. But yes you do need footwear that’s designed for flat feet such as flat feet work boots. As mentioned earlier, wearing the wrong footwear is a major cause of having flat feet.

Undoubtedly, the wrong footwear will cause severe pain to your feet whether you have flat feet or not. Having said that, flat feet have a collapsed arch, so wearing a work boot that provides ample support to the arch section is safe for your flat feet.

Keep in mind, to choose the work boot that provides ample support on the midsoles and the heel section isn’t too high. These types of work boots are ideal for flat feet and ensure maximum safety while providing the utmost comfort level. Good midsole construction helps create an adaptive foothold on the ground allowing you to feel less pain while working under pressure.

Required Features Of Boots For Flat Feet

As we mentioned, work boots need to meet a few special requirements for flat feet users. These workboots contain features that not only provide the best support for your flat feet but also improve your feet’s conditions. 

Also, it helps strengthen the intrinsic foot muscles, which leads to a better foot foundation over the surface. Continuous wear of a good work boot pair can save you from flat feet. Now, in this current segment, we’ll discuss the required features of work boots for flat feet.

Boot’s Structure & Materials

The boot’s overall compatibility depends on its structure and material. The material must be sturdy and thick so that wearing them doesn’t hinder your work performance.

The design should be a way to support your foot’s arch. So that it can easily absorb the sock that emanates while you're moving around. Thus, relieving the extra pressure from your feet.

Proper Arch Support

Providing proper arch support is the key feature of these work boots. As you’re aware of the fact by now, because of a collapsed arch, your feet are flattened. 

And wearing a work boot that doesn’t support your feet’s arch section will cause more harm than good. Wearing a work boot that provides ample support to the arch, helps align your feet so that you don’t have pain while working.

Mid-Curved Insoles

Mid-curved insole is an essential feature of work boots for flat feet. Without it, your work boot won’t be able to provide the necessary support your need in the arch section. 

Your work boot loses its effectiveness for your flat feet if it doesn’t have an insole curve in the middle. If you don’t have an arch in the base of your feet then you’ll need high mid-curved insoles.

Proper Cushioning

While you’re working, your flat feet are likely to get stiff, that’s why your fits hurt so much while moving around. So you’ll need proper cushioning in the work boots.

An adequate amount of cushioning helps to absorb the movement shocks and reduce the impact. So while you’re walking or running it won’t cause you any pain, even though you have flat feet. 

The Right Ankle Height 

The height of your boot’s ankles is to protect your feet. Its primary feature is to keep your feet from any harm. And the secondary feature is to keep the pressure at a minimum by relieving the excessive pressure. This lessens the impact on the insoles, which improves your work performance and flexibility.

Fits Properly

The perfect fit of a work boot is a must whether you’ve got flat feet or not. Your body's flexibility, comfort, and support solely depend on how well your work boot fits your feet.

Benefits Of Wearing Work Boots For Flat Feet

If you have flat feet, the best way to fix them is by wearing the right footwear. Yes, there are several exercises, and physical therapy methods to fix your flat feet. But these methods are both lengthy and expensive.

Where you can get an immediate solution to the pain caused by your flat feet by wearing a work boot. If you wear it, gradually it’ll improve the arch support of your feet. 

Wearing work boots for flat feet has its own set of perks. Let’s have a quick peek over those perks, shall we?

Provides Safety

It goes without saying your work boots provide the utmost safety for your feet. Because of its sturdy and strong build, it can easily withstand any harsh environment. So you can maintain proper feet safety while working.

Ease The Pain

Flat feet tend to give you a hard time while working, right?  A good pair of work boots can ease your pain while working. Because it provides an ample amount of support to the arch section while continuously keeping your feet in steady space.

Support Foot Arch

Supporting your foot’s arch may be the best benefit you can get from wearing the work boots. It helps improve your foot’s functionality and flexibility by keeping a low pressure on the joints.

Provide Limited Repetitive Strain

Continuous pressure on your feet while working isn’t good for anyone, especially not for the one with flat feet. The work boots are designed to limit the repetitive pressure on your feet while working.

Final Thought

Flat foot is a major problem that hits differently for different individuals. Some may have a minor flat foot and others might have a major problem with flat feet. But it’s common to feel severe pain if you do have a flat foot.

No matter how careful you walk or run, because of a collapsed arch your feet don't get the necessary support, thus causing you problems in your knees, ankles, and lower back.  

However, wearing a good pair of boots can easily remedy the problem, as you can see in the above discussion. If you wear them regularly, you have taken the first step towards fixing your flat feet.

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