What To Do If You Are Asked To Be Part Of A Wedding Party?

So one of your closest friends and family members is getting married, and they’ve asked you to be part of the big day as a member of the wedding party. Congratulations! But now what? What are your roles and responsibilities when it comes to the wedding, and what is expected of you?

What To Do If You Are Asked To Be Part Of A Wedding Party?
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You likely want to make your best friend, brother, or sister proud and do everything you can to support them through the stressful process of planning their wedding, as well as on the big day itself. So, if you just got invited to be a part of your friend’s wedding party, then brace yourself for an exciting yet adventurous ride! Read on to learn exactly what to expect, and what will be expected of you.

Role Of Bridesmaids

Now that you have signed up for the role of being one of the bridesmaids, there are certain things you may have to keep in mind. From selecting the bridesmaids’ dresses to helping choose the venues and dealing with vendors, you may have to be on watch round the clock.

So, what are things you need to add to your checklist now?

• Bachelorette Party: Plan a party for the bride to be lets her enjoy a special night or weekend with her friends before the wedding festivities. Plan a nicely-themed bachelorette party with delicious goodies, lots of fun party games and gifts for the bride.

• Help with Vendors: Finding reliable vendors for a wedding can get super stressful. So why not put on your thinking cap and help out the bride to find the best caterer, photographer, and more? Once that’s planned out, you can helpcoordinate with the vendors leading up to and on the wedding day.

• Availability: Signing up to be someone’s bridesmaid means you need to be there for them all the time. At least, almost all the time! Most brides go through pre-wedding jitters, and as their bridesmaid, you should be there for them as a supportive friend.

• Raise a Toast: Raising a toast for the couple is a ritual, and often the job of one or more of the bridesmaids. While making the toast, you can even share a few emotional anecdotes about the bride to make the night more memorable.

Maid Of Honour Responsibilities

So, you’ve been asked to be the maid of honour. These tips will help you to help the bride sail through the wedding with as little stress as possible:

• Go Shopping: Although it may sound fun, the plight of picking that perfect wedding dress can be pretty stressful for the bride. So, help her by accompany her to the dress fittings, and giving her your honest (but tactful) feedback.

• Point of Contact: Be well-versed with the A-Z events of the wedding party. Be aware of the people attending the wedding from both sides and offer assistance if issues arise. This can be a big help to the bride on her big day.

• Wedding Gifts: Keeping a list of the gifts the couple receive on the big day is a big task. So, why not lend a hand to the bride and make her life a breeze? You can keep track of gifts that comes in from the guests and make notes so the couple can send accurate thank you notes later.

Ace The Game Of Best Man

A best man’s duty is equally important as that of a maid of honour. So how do you bring on your A-game for the wedding as the best man?

• Plan the Bachelor Party: Planning a kickass party should be on your checklist, whether it is an all-boys vacation or a night out. Exchange some bachelor party ideas with the groom and decide together what would be the best. Being the best man, you may have to plan the schedule and budget and coordinate with the groomsmen to bring it all together.

• Wedding Rings: One of the most crucial roles of the best man is keeping the wedding rings safe. You must hand the ring to the groom, and you should ensure that nothing goes wrong!

• Guests: Apart from welcoming them to the reception, try to interact with the guests. Make sure that they are having a good time at the wedding. You should also step in and coordinate guests when needed to avoid awkward situations.

• Track the Gifts: This may vary according to the wedding. However, you can always lend a hand in collecting the gifts for the groom and store them in a safe place, as well as tracking who gave which gift, depending on the couple’s needs.

The wedding is the most special day in any couple’s life. However, it can get stressful, emotional, and overwhelming in every sense. So now that you’ve been invited to be part of the wedding party, brace yourself for plenty of expectations and responsibilities, and loads of fun, of course! Raise a toast to the happy couple and get the ball rolling!

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