What are the Fields we use PLC in?

You may have asked yourself before: What is a PLC?

But have you ever asked yourself where do we use PLC?

Well, here is a list of fields which use PLC:

Traffic lights on the roads

It is difficult to imagine our modern world without traffic lights, as all human beings, from children to the elderly, must learn the meanings of traffic lights.

But have we thought about how traffic lights work? How does the duration of the traffic lights change for each mode? How do traffic lights react when you press the pedestrian button?

Traffic lights are controlled by advanced PLC devices that are connected together and linked to the control center to transmit data among them very quickly and deal with pedestrians’ buttons according to a specific logic programmed within them. 

Automated car wash machines

The automatic car wash machine operates according to a pre-programmed logic that implements this logic when you put the money in the piggy bank.

It washes the car with water only as soon as one coin is placed, it sprays the shampoo and sprays the water again when two coins are placed, and it dries the car with air as soon as three coins are placed.

The machine repeats this process thousands of times without any error, according to the logic specified for it and by using sensors that help it to do so.

The elevator

When entering the building or office entrance, we rush to the elevator and press the elevator request button. The elevator will descend to the ground floor if the elevator is available, otherwise we have to wait.

When the elevator reaches the ground floor, the elevator door is opened. If no button is pressed within a specific time and the elevator door sensor is not activated (that is, there is no obstacle in front of the elevator door), the door is re-closed.

If a resident presses the button for a specific floor, the elevator is sent to that floor, stops there, and opens the door.

In the event that any person in the elevator presses the button of a particular floor, the elevator stops and the door is opened.

The elevator stops at the required floors in sequence.

The PLC studies a huge range of possibilities that were previously programmed by elevator companies in Maryland in order for the elevator to run smoothly and safely.

Production machines in factories 

All automated production machines work under the leadership of a PLC, which moves the empty cans and directs them to the filling holes, fills them with a certain quantity, puts the lid on it, then labels it, puts the production date and sends it to the packing department.

The products are packaged using PLC, which collects 12 boxes of the product in a carton, then sticks the cartons and sends them to the shipping department.

From the above, we find that the PLC is present in our lives and helps us and makes it easier for us to manage many disciplined life matters according to a specific and recurring pattern.

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