5 Unique Places to Display Your Birthday Lawn Sign

Birthdays are always something that everyone looks forward to the whole year. Especially if it is your child’s first birthday or their 18th birthday where they are stepping into adulthood, it could also be your 30th birthday when you are stepping into a new era of your life. No matter what your age is, birthdays commemorate a new beginning. And a birthday lawn sign just adds life and light to your party and your day. 

5 Unique Places to Display Your Birthday Lawn Sign
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From teenagers celebrating their sweet 16 to grandparents recognizing their golden anniversary, custom birthday decoration is one way to show your close ones that you love them. 

If you’re looking for some new places to display your birthday lawn sign this year, here are five unique ideas to inspire you.

 The Front Porch

Most homeowners don’t think about putting their birthday lawn sign on their front porch, but it can be a great way to welcome the guests to your party. It is an even better idea if you are throwing a surprise party for someone. Imagine them being welcomed by a huge happy birthday sign in the entrance. Just make sure that you keep your lawn sign in a spot where everyone will see it.

Back Fence

You can also consider putting your lawn sign in a place that’s secure and highly visible. Mounting it on an outbuilding wall is one option, but if you have a fence around your home, you could also hang it there or lean it up against one of your fence posts.

The Front Door

If you put the lawn sign on your front door, it will be visible from the street. This can also act as an ice breaker if you are a new resident in the area. Your neighbours might see the birthday sign and drop by to wish you a happy birthday. It can also be a nice housewarming-type decoration that your guests will see as they arrive. You can also take it down as soon as you’re done with it, so it doesn’t clutter up your home for too long.

Garden Wall

There is no better idea to celebrate your birthday than placing a colorful and exciting lawn sign on the center of your garden wall. Display a simple birthday sign with a picture on the garden wall in front of your house to make your garden look more beautiful and lively. You can also add some seasonal flowers or plants to enhance the visual appeal of your home. However, keep in mind to choose a robust and durable card for the signs as you will use them on the exterior walls.

On Your Mailbox

Instead of sticking your lawn sign on your front door, you can also place it over your gate. This way, anyone entering your home will know that today is your special day! If you don’t have a gate, hang it from one of your fence posts, and voila! The problem is solved.

Tips To Make The Most Out Of Your Lawn Sign

Lawn signs are a fun way to let your neighborhood know that you’re celebrating a birthday or hosting an event and can help you get more guests. Here are a few simple guidelines to make a memorable birthday sign that will bring in the guests.

Decide on the location

Make your sign simple

Choose a font that is easy to read from a distance

Make sure your sign is made of durable material

To conclude, one of the best things about lawn signs is the convenience; you can order a lawn sign from your couch and put it at any of the above locations for display. Using one of these spots will ensure that your party looks and feels lively, and maybe you will even have a few extra party guests by the end of the night!

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