Custom Flip Flops: A Great Advertising Tool for the Entrepreneurially Challenged

Your business may be all business behind closed doors. However, if your business comes across as too serious, it may scare away potential customers and clients.

Custom Flip Flops: A Great Advertising Tool for the Entrepreneurially Challenged
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There is a straightforward solution to this dilemma, though. By making an investment in custom flip flops that have imprints of your business name and logo, you could spruce up your brand image and show the world that your company knows how to have some fun.

At first glance, customized flip flops may not seem like a top choice for brands seeking to be taken seriously. However, you will discover that flip flops elicit a positive reaction from people and cause them to reconsider their initial impression of your business.

Once you have customized flip flops for your business, there are numerous ways to take advantage of them. Take a look below at some of the most creative ways to spruce up your business with custom flip flops.

Give out custom flip flops at business conferences that are full of people.

There are currently over 250 convention centers located througout the United States. And almost all of them host a business conference.

The majority of businesses that exhibit with such business conferences initiate personalized promotional products to hand out to attendees. From personalized pens to customized calendars, these conferences offer an array of useful promotional products.

There is nothing improper with giving customized products to people and clients. However, if you truly want to differentiate your business, it is an excellent option to think outside of the box and offer things no one would consider – like giving out custom flip flops!

Your business name can be printed both on insoles and the rubber straps of the flip flops. This ensures that attendees will remember who gave them their flip flops at the said conference.

And better yet, you will find a lot of people who got your company's flip flops will begin wearing them almost immediately. If they are staying in a hotel in town for the conference, they will wear the flip flops at the hotel pool and in their hotel rooms.

It will not be long before your brand name and your logo becomes visible throughout the business conference venue. It will be a complete success for your business.

Show it off at bridal shows.

Does your business provide products and/or services that are geared toward those preparing for weddings? If this is the case, it might be a smart option for your company to set up a store at local bridal shows, complete with custom flip flops.

Flip flops are becoming extremely popular among brides who do not want to be stuck in heels for the duration of their wedding day. You could capitalize on it by handing out personalized flip flops with the business details on them at the bridal shows.

Each year, over 2 million couples get married. This implies that you could potentially reach a large audience by designing custom flip flops geared toward crowds gathered at bridal shows.

Wear them at the beach.

Is there anything nastier than burning one's feet on hot sand during a summer run? It is enough to convince you not to go to the beach for good.

However, each year, a large number of people do it simply for the reason that they forgot to carry a pair of flip flops. They are forced to scurry across the scorching sand, intending to minimize the burns on the soles of one's feet.

If your business sells products or services which may appeal to beach-goers, consider setting up a guerrilla marketing strategy at a local beach. Establish stands near the beach's entrance and distribute custom flip flops to anybody who left their flip flops at their home.

Beach-goers will surely appreciate your gesture in helping them to avoid stepping on hot sand with their bare feet. They will also be most likely to continue to wear flip flops when they return to the beach in the future.

Offer custom flip flops to the clients when summer starts.

One could make the argument that the beginning of the summer season is the most anticipated event of the entire year. And you can capitalize on it by compelling your customers to patronize your business with the start of the summer season.

How are you going to do it? It is as simple as selecting the appropriate custom flip flops and mailing those to your clients as summer approaches. In an ideal world, they would arrive several days before Memorial Day, accompanied by some note informing clients that you wish them a wonderful summer.

When your clients think of your company from that day on, they will think of all the excitement concerning the start of summer. Additionally, they will be made aware of the gift you sent them each moment they will wear their flip flops throughout the summer.

Give out custom flip flops at music festivals.

Did you know that roughly 32 million people in the United States participate in at least one music festival each year?  That means that more people attend music festivals annually than the actual population in the whole state of Texas.

If you want to quickly spread the message about your brand, attending a music festival is an excellent way to do so. You can use them to create a batch of custom flip flops and canvas concerts, ensuring that the right people get their hands on them and onto their feet.

In an ideal world, you may only distribute them to those who immediately put them on and wear those around the music concert for everyone to see. Additionally, you could also distribute other cool promotional products that would be appropriate for an outdoor concert, such as promotional sunglasses, custom beach towels, and even custom sunscreen.

Let people wear it at water parks.

If you have ever walked through a water park, you have probably noticed how many people go barefoot. The most likely reason for this is because they forgot their flip flops at home or simply did not want to carry them.

The problem with this is that those who go barefoot could get any kind of injury while walking around in a water park. They may stub their toes or step on slimy stuff, among other things.

You can help resolve this issue by offering people the chance to win a pair of custom flip flops from your company before they even begin playing on water slides at water parks. Create a booth outside and offer them the opportunity to leave with free flip flops if they win a game.

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