Wedding Ring Trend, What to Look Out For

The proposal bit was something you were worried about, but your fiancée planned it to a tee, and everything went smoothly. The engagement ring is perfect, and now the task ahead is to choose the best wedding rings to share with your partner. It did not seem like a daunting task until you searched online, and it all became overwhelming and tedious. With so many designs, cuts and trends, you would not know what will best suit you. Here are some trends to look out for to help make the best decision on your symbol of love.

Wedding Ring Trend, What to Look Out For
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Individual Bands- Marriage is now more of partnerships and people who decide to come together with different ideologies to become one. With this in mind, as you shop for the perfect ring, remember your taste and ensure that the rings will symbolize that. Instead of having matching bands that have since become old-fashioned, you could identify one element that would symbolize your unity, like an engraving or the material used to make the rings.

Colored gems- Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but colored gemstones are a fab way to show that your love is out of this extraordinary world. Colored gems offer an affordable alternative to the diamond, and you can get a bigger carat. If having a stone on your wedding ring is your jam, then colored gems are ever-growing in popularity.

Stacked rings- A ring stack is a set of multiple rings nest together in a grouping. This can include the engagement ring, the wedding band, and any other rings you would add on. A ring stack also means you can experiment and style your rings with different metals and stones, allowing you to explore your different tastes.

Plain wedding rings- This is a trend that is making a comeback in the wedding industry. If drama is not your cup of tea, then this option is a great one as it can be made out of gold, platinum, and others have gone as far as getting black coated rings. Instead of having a plain ring, you can also add some detail like small diamonds being placed around it to differentiate it from the groom.

Future upgrade- Cost can be a huge issue, mainly because diamonds are expensive. This does not mean that you need to settle on just any ring whatsoever, completely sealing your fate on the dreamy wedding ring you want. Instead, you can choose a ring that can be upgraded later on to that perfect diamond cut on maybe your wedding anniversary. This is key, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Mixing colors-Combining different colors of gold can provide your ring with a special meaning; pink gold signifies love, white gold indicates friendship, and yellow gold symbolizes fidelity. Wedding bands made of various colored metals are very popular, and women who wear both precious metals jewelry may want to consider this choice.

In conclusion, there is a variety of wedding ringd to choose from. However, whichever you chose all narrows doen to ones tastes and preferences.

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