6 Aircon Cleaning Hacks to Keep Cool in the Summer

Turning on your air conditioner for the first time after a long winter season might sound like a bliss, but all that accumulated dust and debris that piled up over the months can blow right back in your room! Even when not in use, it is necessary to keep your air conditioner clean so you can have it ready by summertime.

6 Aircon Cleaning Hacks to Keep Cool in the Summer

But cleaning can be such a chore, and where do you even start? Air conditioners typically require professional know-how to clean, and are not appliances easily cleaned at home. However, here are a couple of ways you can keep your air conditioner clean the easy way!

To clean the interior of your air conditioner, we recommend getting professional cleaning services to make sure the job is done quickly and properly. For Singapore homeowners, you’ll be pleased to know that Luce Aircon offers their cleaning services all over the country! Go to Luce Aircon to find out more. 

1. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the exterior

Vacuum cleaners are really the ultimate cleaning appliances. You can use them in just about any surface, especially if your unit comes equipped with several attachments that make cleaning vertical and horizontal surfaces simple and easy. 

The same is true for air conditioners, as you can easily clean up the dust and debris that accumulated on the outside of your aircon exterior using a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle attachment to get into the nooks and crannies! Do a final wipe down with a damp cloth, and your air conditioner will look as bright as new.

2. Freshen up the room with a dryer sheet

An easy hack to get rid of musty, stuffy odors in your room is to turn on the air conditioner with a dryer sheet attached to it. Place a dryer sheet directly onto the filter of your air conditioner, and let the machine run to give you a blissful cooling sensation with a pleasant smell. 

As the dry air from the air conditioner starts to dissipate the smells in the room, the dryer sheet provides a nice scent that refreshes the room, and keeps your space smelling bright even after the air conditioner has been turned off. 

3. Clean your filter regularly

Cleaning your air conditioner filter regularly may not sound like a grand hack, but it actually gets your air conditioner unit to last longer and provide cleaner air as it works to cool your room. When the filter is clogged up, it can force the appliance to work overtime, making your aircon overheat when it can no longer function properly. 

Take out your filter once every two weeks. Run your air conditioner filter under water, and use soap to fully clean out the dust from the filter. Let your filter air dry first before you place it back into your aircon unit, and your air conditioner should start working properly again.

4. Keep windows and doors closed

Keeping your windows and doors tightly closed allows the air to circulate around the room better, making the overall room temperature cooler as the air conditioner does not have to make extra efforts to cool down a large space.

Draw the shades too, to keep the warmth of the sunlight out of your room, leading to a cooler temperature. Especially for inverter type air conditioners which slow down its compressor once the room has gotten to optimal temperatures, keeping the warmth out of your room will save you electricity as well.

5. Use an air conditioner cover bag to collect dust while cleaning

An air conditioner cover bag is a drawstring type cover where your air conditioner can be concealed as you clean. The cover has a large opening in the front where the drawstring is so you can easily clean out the dust and grime from your air conditioner and aircon filter without having the dust fly everywhere.

An aircon cover bag is available online, and in stores where air conditioner attachments can be bought. Use the bag while cleaning to keep dust out of your room, and keep the grime in the cover bag. At the end of the cleaning, simply pull the drawstring to seal the dust in, remove the cover bag from your air conditioner, and wash it as you would regular cleaning cloths.

6. Get professional cleaning services

Above all, hiring professional cleaning services is the way to go as professionals have the skills and expertise to completely clean your aircon unit from inside out. Aircon mechanisms are complicated, and can be dangerous if you’re not sure of the functions of the different parts.

Go to a reputable aircon cleaning service that can clean, maintain, and diagnose any issues you may have with your unit. Your air conditioner should have professional cleaning done at least once a year to maintain its good condition.

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