How To Successfully Use The Adventure Book

Unless you have been living in a place where the Internet is not yet available, you must have heard about those adventure books that people have been talking about for a while now. These are designed to add some fun to people’s lives and it’s no wonder that people are falling in love with them. After all, we could all use some adventure in our lives and if you visit, you’ll learn how to get it.

Books like these are really easy to use, so let us not make a philosophy out of it. You just reveal a challenge and then complete it while taking photos in the process and then adding the photos to your journal, together with a description of what you have done. Just imagine how great it will be to look at that journal after some time passes and after you’ve forgotten about all the challenges.

Anyway, we are not here to reminiscence. Even though I’ve said that these books are rather easy to use, the truth is that some individuals might still use it the wrong way, which basically kills the fun. Who would have thought that breaking the rules could actually kill fun instead of lead to fun? Well, it’s true in this case, which is why I would advise you to learn how to successfully use the adventure book before even getting it. I know that you might be a bit confused about the idea of using it successfully, so I’ve decided to take you through the steps.

1. Choose The Right Edition

First and foremost, you need to be sure that you are choosing the right edition of the book for you. There are several different ones and your choice will depend on one simple thing. So, here is a question for you. Do you want challenges that you can complete on your own, with a partner, or perhaps with your friends or your family? Once you answer that question, you will know precisely which edition you need to get for yourself, so think about it for a minute and find out about whether you would enjoy doing some things alone, or whether you would rather include other people in the process.

2. Get Into The Right Mindset

Once you have chosen your edition, it will be time for you to sort of adjust your mindset. First off, you should get ready to have some fun and you should always think of this book as of a great source of fun. And yet, you should also take it seriously, because it will lose its charm if you just take it and read all the challenges without ever having completed any of them. So, a small amount of discipline is required if you really want to have fun with these adventure books. 

3. Reveal Your First Challenge

When you are sure that you have the right mindset, you should reveal your first challenge. Perhaps you could make a ceremony out of it, especially if you are involving other people in the process, as that is bound to make things more exciting and have everyone on the edge of their seats until the challenge is revealed. So, get everyone prepared for the revelation ceremony.

4. Complete It

After the challenge is revealed, you will need to complete it. Now, I know this sounds like an obvious piece of advice, but it is definitely worth emphasizing, since a lot of people decide to just skip it if they don’t like it for some reason. Believe me, even if you think that you won’t like it, you will definitely quickly start having fun with it, which is why completing the challenge is necessary. Plus, remember the journal that you’ll be making and looking at after some time passes. Your future self will love the fact that they’ve completed all the challenges.

5. No, Don’t Give Up – Complete It

Okay, I know that you’ll be tempted to give up on at least a few of the challenges that the book throws at you. And, yet, that’s not how the game works and that’s now how you’ll have fun. So, if you really want to have fun with your friends, your family, or all on your own, the simple truth is that you should never give up until a particular task from the book is properly completed.

6. Move On To The Next One

Once you have completed a particular challenge, you can move on to the next one. In different words, you should never challenge yourself to complete more of these tasks at once because, once again, that’s not how the game works and that’s not the right way to have fun. I know that the phrase “the right way to have fun” sounds weird, but believe me when I say this. It’s best to complete the challenges one at a time.

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