Some Out-of-This-World Themes You Can Choose for Your Next Big Event

A party with a theme will always be so much better than a party without, and we can all agree that themed parties can be spectacular. You can have your attendees dress up, which makes it even more fun and exciting. But thinking of a theme for your event is different from choosing the best one, and if you’re tired of themes like glitter parties and Hollywood themes, here are some out-of-this-world themes you can choose for your next big event.

Some Out-of-This-World Themes You Can Choose for Your Next Big Event 

Downton Abbey – a roaring one!

Now here’s a theme that’s set to get fans of the series excited – and even non-fans can look forward to it, too. Downton Abbey was set in the 1920s, but instead of having just the usual 1920s theme, you can take it up a notch by asking everyone to dress up as the characters in the series. For your venue, go all out with art deco pieces and lots of champagne with a vintage-themed bar, and use tiffany lamps as table centrepieces, along with a chandelier at the centre of the room. A great colour palette to use for this theme would be a combo of claret, white, and black, and throw in a few gold ornaments to complete the vibe. To make it even more special, why not hire a few vintage and traditional game stalls from a company specialising in funfair stall for hire, such as hook a duck, coconut shy, test your strength, and more – reminiscent of the fairs in the series as well. Remember when Molesley beat James the valet (Jimmy) at a strongman stall?

A medieval fair and banquet

Going medieval is now entirely possible when you opt for a medieval fair and banquet for your event, complete with jousting knights, banquet tables filled with lots of delectable food, and sword fights and duels. The medieval theme has been quite popular in recent days, what with the popularity of the Game of Thrones series. Still, you can make it your own with the addition of various decorative elements like coats of arms, shields, and even thrones for the guests of honour. Most everyone will love dressing up as a medieval lord or lady, and you can make it more entertaining once again with game booths and stalls for everyone to participate in amidst the cheers of the crowd. 

A masquerade party

Yes, masquerades have also been popular for ages, but you can place your spin on your masquerade ball by adding some distinctive and unique elements. Of course, everyone is encouraged to dress up in ball gowns and masks, and it's a great theme if your event is more on the formal side. In fact, masquerades are often perfect for corporate and charity parties. For décor, you can put up painted Venice-inspired backdrops, décor reminiscent of Italy such as roman pillars, busts, giant masks, water fountains, and mask centrepieces for every table. 

A paradise theme

Last but not least, why not have a paradise theme? This is a relatively new concept, but with this, you can set up your venue with different popular destinations – paradises – in mind. A theme based on travelling to exotic places would be a crowd-pleaser, what with recent Covid restrictions! You can have zones for different parts of the globe, like the Far East, Paris, New York, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean, and the like. 

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