Tips for Ridding Your Home of Junk and Organizing What's Left

It's amazing how much stuff is collected through the years. When someone lives in their home for more than a few years, they may find they end up with a lot of things they just don't need anymore. As a result, it may be time to go through everything and get rid of any junk that's just taking up space. Those who are ready to tackle this project may want to consider going through the following steps to make the tasks as easy as possible. 

Tips for Ridding Your Home of Junk and Organizing What's Left

Get Rid of Big Items Right Away

Big items take up a lot of space, so get rid of these items first. Companies like Junk Reduction will come and take any large items like furniture and remove them from the property. This way, there's no worry about whether the trash people will collect it, waiting for someone to buy it or pick it up for free, or any other issues. Simply pick a date and time and the junk removal company will come to pick up all the furniture at once, getting it out of the way.  

Go Through Room by Room

Once the big items are gone, start going through each room one at a time to see what stays and what goes. This can be a little overwhelming if there's a lot of stuff in each room, so if needed, break each room down into sections to be dealt with one at a time. Or, pick a type of item and go through that before moving on to the next type of item. Depending on the number of belongings in the home, this step can take a while. However, it does help to reduce a lot of the belongings in the home and narrow down only what's needed. 

Trash, Donate, Save

While going through each of the items in the home, think about whether they need to be kept. If items aren't needed anymore, look into donating or trashing the items. Consider whether the item might be useful for someone else, the condition it's in, how long it will last, and more to figure out if it's worth donating or if it's something that should probably be thrown away. 

Remove Anything Not Needed

Place anything that's being donated in bins and anything that's being thrown out into trash bags. As a bin fills, get it out of the house and send it to a charity for donations. Keep track of donations if possible or get receipts to use this for taxes at the end of the year. As a trash bag is filled, go ahead and take that out of the house as well. Anything no longer needed in the home should be removed, even if it's placed in the garage until trash day, to free up more space inside the home. 

Start Organizing What's Left

Once the only things left are those that will be kept, it's time to start organizing. It's a good idea to use various storage methods, such as using vertical space, to make sure everything is organized, easy to find, and easy to put away. This will help keep everything organized going forward as well as help improve the look of the home. 

If you're trying to get organized but you have a lot of things that are gathering dust and taking up space, now's the time to go through everything and see what you should keep and what you should throw out or donate. Use the tips here to get the job done right and make sure you only have what you need in your home. 

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