HABIB Oro Italia 916 Collection Elevates Fine Gold Craftmanship

Ever since its first introduction to the local market, the Oro Italia 916® collection by HABIB has instantly become a hit. A collection that embodies Malaysian heritage with a flair of Italian craftsmanship, the Oro Italia 916® quickly went on to capturing the hearts of Malaysians with its unique play on color and design combinations that are both contemporary and timeless.

HABIB Oro Italia 916 Collection Elevates Fine Gold Craftmanship

More than a decade later, Oro Italia 916® designs have evolved in keeping with the current trends. While styles may have changed over the years, gold jewellery is still the precious metal of choice for fashion-forward Malaysians. 

HABIB Oro Italia 916 Collection

Breathing new life into HABIB’s timeless gold jewellery collection, the latest creations from the collection features new addition to the wide Oro Italia 916® range including the Gold Chandelier Necklace, Graffetta and Amore collections.

Mangalsutra Inspired Chandelier Pendant

This stylish shaped tessel gold pendant collection is inspired by the culturally popular Indian chain known as Mangalsutra. It symbolizes marriage, love and commitment, and is one of the most significant jewellery in the Hindu wedding tradition.

The name Mangalsutra is a combination of 2 words; mangal which means auspicious and sutra which means thread symbolizing the auspicious lifetime unity of two souls. Each pendant comes with exclusive chain and little ornaments around it. The intricate embroidered patterns on the pendant adds a glittering and luxurious look for the wearer. 


Graffetta which means ‘clip’ in Italy, blends architectural elements with the beauty of jewelry. These rectangle-linked chains make for a unique silhouette and comes in a set of bracelets, necklaces and earrings Available in timeless tones of yellow and rose gold, one can choose to add as more stylish look by stacking two or more chains.


One of the most popular collection is the romantic line of “Amore” collection. “Amore” in Italian means love. Italy is a country that is filled with romantic culture including music, art, and scenery. 

The Amore collection features heart shaped charms in various designs that are suited for every personality and style and perfect as gifting ideas.  Available in tri-colors of yellow, rose and white gold, its design continuously evolves to cater to a wider range of preferences.

With the Oro Italia 916® collection, HABIB is focused on providing quality and style of equal standards while catering to adorn customers for every moment and occasion with exceptional 916 or 22K gold jewellery designs. This led to the birth of uniquely intricate designs such as Piccolo, Beads Planet and Cavo which incorporate diamond cut, gold beads and gold threading techniques. These designs have since been top-preferred designs from the collection. While the Italians had heavy influence on the earlier designs, as time goes by, HABIB incorporates Malaysian flair into the designs, making the entire collection all the more relatable for the local taste.     

Oro Italia 916® collections such as Piccolo, Beads Planet and Cavo incorporate intricate techniques like diamond cut, gold beads and gold threading, giving the collection a more refined finishing. 

HABIB’s Oro Italia 916 collection are not only known for their world-class quality and one-of-a-kind unique style, but they also have a wide range of different designs, types and cater to many different preferences. Whether one’s a fan of dainty jewellery and delicate chains, or into broad bangles and statement pieces, or loves tri-color gold jewellery, HABIB offers plenty of choice via Oro Italia 916 collections like Bassano, Stella, Milano and Grande.


Named after a city in Italy, this beautiful braided bangle design is inspired by the River Brenta where Bassano del Grappa a city in the Northern Italy is situated. The lovely yellow and white gold bangle made of tiny silver beads comes in multiple sizes.


A translation of the word star in Italian, the Stella collection features diamond-cut beads that sparkle just like stars. The collection has the widest range from bangles to rings and is available in various size and thickness to suit different preferences.


These trendy yet classic pieces are named after the fashion capital in Italy. Fashioned after the famously known good luck symbol, this collection highlights the unique four-leaf clover design, making it perfect for you and your loved ones.


'Grande' means big in Italian, and this minimalist design features big beads with different unique designs on them. They can either be worn on their own or stacked to make a statement.

In keeping up with the current trends, the Oro Italia 916® designs have gone through stages of experimenting on what works and what doesn’t. The best gift of happiness is the ones that you want to treasure forever, and HABIB upholds this value in all of their exquisite pieces, particularly the Oro Italia 916®. 

The collection not only make a perfect gift in marking special milestones and celebrations, but they also make sound investment assets as customers get the benefit of both in one item. Recently, the collection introduces a new line of children jewellery with pretty petite designs of flower petals, butterflies, ribbons and heart shaped made into baby bangles, bracelets, anklets and simple minimalist rings called the “Strato” rings which means layering or stacking in Italian. This petite Oro Italia 916® new line caters to a more affordable budget.   

A newer range of Oro Italia 916® children jewellery collection comprising baby bangles and bracelets, as well as gold anklets, and stacked minimalist rings called “Strato” provide more selections for customers

Francisca Luhong, Miss Universe Malaysia 2020, serves as the face as the face of the Oro Italia 916® campaign this year, which introduces many new pieces that are available across all HABIB showrooms nationwide as well as its e-commerce and marketplace platforms. 

In addition to that, customers can also expect a wider selection of diamond and gemstone jewellery, along with gold investment assets ranging from gold bars, gold wafers and gold notes, as well as certificated diamonds. 

For more information on the latest updates and promotions from HABIB, please visit www.habibjewels.com or follow HABIB’s social media pages on Instagram @habibjewelsofficial and Facebook @HABIB.

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