Health Benefits of CBD for Dogs With Cancer

Has your beloved pet dog been diagnosed with cancer? The Veterinary Cancer Society estimated that one-quarter of dogs develop the chronic disease sometime in their lifetime. Traditional treatments for canine cancer patients include chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. These options may be effective yet cause harsh side effects. 

Health Benefits of CBD for Dogs With Cancer
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You may be considering alternative treatments to help relieve your pet’s cancer symptoms. Cannabidiol (CBD), such as CBD oil for dogs with cancer, has increased in popularity in recent years.  

As when selecting other pet products, it is essential to separate hype from hope. You should know the basics about CBD as a possible method to relieve your dog’s cancer symptoms.  

What Exactly Is CBD? 

Cannabidiol or CBD may be an alternative option to help reduce symptoms of canine cancer. 

Some CBD brands offer cannabidiol products formulated specifically for dogs.

CBD is a chemical compound. This cannabinoid is one of several dozen that occur naturally in cannabis plants, including hemp plants. 

CBD is the primary ingredient in several cannabis pet products, according to the American Kennel Club. 

4 Ways CBD May Benefit Dogs With Cancer

Uncontrolled cell growth in a dog’s body can result in canine cancer. In some cases, veterinary care does not detect cancer in dogs’ bodies during the early stages. 

So, cancer may spread from body tissues to other issues and even affect various body systems. 

The good news is that only about half of the cancer cases in dogs involve malignant tumors. These growths are treatable if detected and controlled in the early stages. 

While CBD is not a cancer cure, it may provide some possible benefits for dogs with cancer.    

1. CBD May Improve Chemotherapy’s Effectiveness

A study was done by Cornell University on the effects of CBD and a chemotherapy drug for treating canines with cancer. This research was a so-called “test-tube experiment.”  

The researchers reported that the combination of CBD and drugs reduced the spread of cancer cells. This study provided promising results, although more research is needed. 

2. CBD May Relieve Pain 

Early cancer stages may be painless in dogs. However, canines may experience pain as a cancer symptom. So as a pet owner, you will want to reduce this symptom to keep your pet pooch as comfortable as possible. 

A 2018 study investigated the possible pain-relieving effects of CBD on dogs with osteoarthritis (OA). OA causes joints to wear down and bones to change.  

High-CBD hemp extracts seemed to make the dogs more comfortable and active. Also, no side effects seemed to exist in dogs that received the CBD treatment for a month. 

The researchers reported that the short-term results seemed positive.  

3. CBD May Work Like Antioxidants 

A 2020 study studied the possible antioxidant-like effects of CBD on humans. Antioxidants are molecules. They fight off free radical particles that attack healthy cells in a dog’s body. 

Research shows that cell damage that free radicals cause in humans may be connected to cancer.

Further research is warranted about whether CBD may help fight off free radicals in dogs. That result may also help dogs’ natural defenses deflect attacking cancer cells. 

4. CBD May Reduce Dog Anxiety  

Recent research showed the possible anti-anxiety effects of CBD dog treats on canines exposed to a fear-triggering noise. 

The medical researchers reported that the CBD dog treats when combined with an antidepressant medication seemed to reduce the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. High-level stress and anxiety cause dogs’ cortisol levels to spike. 

This study produced encouraging results. However, more extensive research is required to determine if CBD may have the same anti-anxiety effects in dogs with cancer.  

How to Use CBD for Dogs With Cancer

CBD products are available in various forms. They include edibles, granules, oils, and creams. One of the primary benefits of CBD oils is how it enables pet owners to use a dropper to help control the CBD dosage of their dogs. 

CBD dog treats may help encourage your dog to consume CBD through positive reinforcement.  

Another option is CBD topicals, which may help produce local effects for relieving symptoms of health conditions like dog skin cancer. 

When selecting the type of CBD for your dog, you have three main options. Full-spectrum CBD contains a full range of chemical compounds from the cannabis plant. 

Next, broad-spectrum CBD also has a wide range of chemical compounds from the cannabis plant. However, it is usually free of THC.

Finally, CBD isolates are pure CBD. They are usually free of all other cannabinoids. 

In general, you should start with a low dosage and see if your dog tolerates it well. Observe your dog for possible side effects. If none appear, then gradually increase the dosage. 

Various factors may affect the ideal dosage to use for your dog. They include the dog’s size, age, and type of cancer. 

Make sure to talk with your dog’s veterinarian. They can provide helpful information such as usage and dosage. 

CBD Oil for Dogs: Possible Risks and Side Effects

When giving your dog CBD oil or other cannabidiol products, make sure to use the recommended dosage. 

CBD seems to be well tolerated among dogs. In one small 2019 study, dogs received CBD dog chews twice daily.

Researchers gave the dogs 2 milligrams (mg) of CBD for each kilogram (kg) of body weight. 

It will also help if you consider buying CBD products for dogs from reliable sources. This step may help provide your household pet with high-quality CBD. Read product labels and check for independent testing. 

Researchers have conducted minimum research on possible side effects of CBD in dogs. However, some reactions include:

Dry mouth


Lower blood pressure

If CBD causes any side effects in your dog, it’s advisable to consult your pet’s veterinarian.

Past research showed that CBD may help increase the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments for dogs. Other research suggested that CBD may potentially slow down cancer cell growth and relieve cancer symptoms such as pain. However, more research is needed.

While CBD is not a miracle drug, it may help improve the quality of life of dogs diagnosed with cancer. Your “best friend” deserves to be as happy and comfy as possible. 

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