Tips to Employ Reliable Staff for Your Tea or Coffee shop in Australia

Restaurants, tea or coffee shops have a high employee turnover. If you own such a business it’s like you’re always hiring someone. Here’s what Australian tea or coffee shop owners should pay attention to when hiring new staff. 

Tips to Employ Reliable Staff for Your Tea or Coffee shop in Australia
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Ask for their general knowledge about Tea or Coffee

The ideal staff member will have knowledge of the products and services that they work with. For example, someone who is passionate about tea will know about the various types of teas and the health benefits of tea consumption so that they can communicate with customers. For example, it is commonly known and proven with research that green tea is associated with weight loss (1). The people that are highly knowledgeable about tea may also understand that tea has benefits for cardiovascular health (2) and that green team consumption is associated with better health for those who have diabetes (3). These types of knowledgeable employees will have an inherent positive affiliation to the products or services of your business and the good vibes and knowledge will also be passed on to the customer.

Ask for how long are they planning to work for you

This is a sound way to try and reduce employee turnover. These types of jobs attract mostly young people, interested in making a bit of money during their holidays. Few of them are really interested in a career as a barista and when a better job comes up they’ll probably quit. 

When a candidate comes in for a job interview, talk about their life, their plans for the future so you get an idea whether they’re in it for the long term or not. Whenever possible choose the candidate that is more likely to be with you for a longer time. This way you avoid future recruiting and training costs. 

Ask for a pre-employment background check

How do you know if the young person applying for a job at your tea shop is not secretly planning to supplement his income by stealing from the till? These are not high-paying jobs and since they have easy access to money, don’t be surprised if they pocket some of it.

Employee theft is a problem in Australia, as it is all over the world. It might not seem like much if an employee pockets a few dollars, but over a year these petty thefts add up. Australian businesses lose millions to employee theft every single year. You also want to avoid hiring people with a history of violent offences or sexual harassment. The last thing you need is a waiter hitting on a customer quietly sipping her tea. 

To avoid that, make sure to ask all new employees to submit a criminal history check. A common method is to use a background check service provider like the following website link - that provides servies online. These services will send the candidate a criminal history certificate that can later on be handed over to you.

Check their professional knowledge about tea or coffee preparation

Many coffee or tea shop employees are trained on the job. However, it’s best to hire someone with a bit of knowledge in the field. You wouldn’t want to hire someone who doesn’t drink tea in your shop as they wouldn’t be able to relate to your customers.

Ask the job applicants about the various types of tea you’re offering, see what they know about flavors, what goes with what, etc.

You want someone who understands tea and the rules on how to prepare it. If they make it too strong or too weak you might lose customers.

Test their soft skills

People come to your tea shop not only for the beverage, but also to relax and spend some nice time with their friends. Your personnel need to be able to add to this experience. They need to talk nicely, keep their temper no matter how annoying the customer might be and always, always have a smile on their face. 





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