The Weirdest Cities in America

America is a vast country, so it shouldn't surprise anyone that many towns and cities here have some strange and interesting stories. So whether you're curious about aliens, or you're more into haunted holiday towns: America has it for you.

The Weirdest Cities in America
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These are five of the weirdest cities in the country, and why they’re interesting to anyone who wants to get to know them!

Roswell, New Mexico

Everyone in America knows about Roswell, whether they realize it or not.  In the 1930s, there was a crash in a farmer's land in the area, and when he reported it, the FBI and several other huge government entities came out to investigate.

This happened the same year that the CIA was founded, and many people took it as a sign that aliens had crash-landed in the desert. Because of this, the tiny town of Roswell has fully leaned into the alien craze and has themed restaurants and stores dedicated to little green men from Mars.

Scottsboro, Alabama

Scottsboro is a tiny town with less than fifteen thousand people, and from the outside, it seems like just another simple mountain town.  Of course, it wouldn't be on this list if it was just another simple town!

Scottsboro is known as the place where lost luggage goes to die.  This is where the bags and their contents are auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Strange items have been found, like a 5.8-carat solitaire diamond ring and legitimate Egyptian artifacts.  

Austin, Texas

Austin is the largest city on this list, but it's weird for reasons other than the obvious ones!  This Texas city has built up a strange reputation because of the many odd little businesses you can find here.

From a sausage and beer garden that will pay for you to get a tattoo of their logo to the Little Longhorn Saloon, where you can play bingo based on where a chicken relieves itself, this quirky city has its fair share of oddities.  This odd reputation doesn't seem to keep people at bay, though, since so many are snatching up houses for rent in Austin, TX!

Santa Claus, Arizona

If you love Christmas, you're in good company!  Santa Claus, Arizona, is a strangely empty town named after the Christmas icon.

Although it was once one of the largest holiday-themed cities with tons of fun and interesting attractions for any holiday fans, it's since gone into disrepair and become a ghost town with red hats and fake reindeer.  This is a different holiday spirit than most people want to see!

Dudleytown, Connecticut

Although this is a ghost town, legends say it's not truly empty yet.  Dudleytown is one of the strangest ghost stories you'll ever hear and is the most haunted town in Connecticut.  Many people claim the city emptied because of a curse, that locals got scared of witches and the supernatural and fled.

While others say what happened was more similar to Jamestown, and famine and disease made the town dwindle until people moved on or vanished.  It's now still open to travel through, but it gives off spooky vibes.

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