The Best Times of Year to Visit Canada

Canada is an awesome country that has something to offer anyone who wants to visit.  From the delicious foods to the incredible sights and amazing locals: you'll fall in love with this country at first sight: but when's the best time to visit, and what do you do once you get here?

The Best Times of Year to Visit Canada
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These are the things to keep in mind during your visit to Canada and why it's a must-visit nearly any time of the year.

Why The Seasons Matter

The seasons in Canada each have their own unique identity and make the country feel like an entirely different place just by shifting between months. So whether you want the feeling of new life that comes with spring or the exhilaration of the sports you can enjoy in the winter: there's no place on Earth quite like Canada!

In The Spring

Canadian springs are slow and come late in the year.  In some areas, the snow doesn't even begin to melt until the middle of April, while in others, you can enjoy warmer weather by early March.

Spring in Canada is full of fantastic views, especially in mountainous areas, many exhibits and art shows, and a lot of energy towards getting ready for the summer.  This is a beautiful and green season but should be the last one you consider visiting during.

In The Summer

Once the last bits of ice and snow have melted away in the summer, Canada goes into full noise and celebration.  Concerts, outdoor events like the Calgary Stampede, and thousands of activities all become available at once.  As if to make up for how much the ice and snow kept people inside, the summer is spent as though there's nowhere better to be than outdoors.  

You can still sunburn in Canada, and there are tons of mosquitoes and other biting bugs to watch out for, but visiting in summer makes the entire country feel like a camp from childhood.

In The Fall

As the seasons shift and fall comes through, Canada becomes its most beautiful.  Especially in the eastern portion of the country, autumn brings golden and red leaves, crisper air, and great fresh apples and produce.  This season is by far the prettiest of all four and is surprisingly when tourism is the lowest.

However, if you're not afraid of a little frost in the early mornings, this is the best time to go camping, enjoy the last few months of trails, and take in some of the best views on Earth.

In The Winter

Many assume that winter is the time to avoid Canada since it's when snow is at its worst: but don't let this fool you! On the contrary, winter is the most magical season for Canadians because it's when skating, skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing are all available.

These pastimes make great reasons to vacation or visit the great north and are worth the ice and cold!  Although real estate for sale in Whistler may be a little frostier in winter: it’s close enough to the slopes that nobody minds! 

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