Why a Healthy World Revolves Around a Healthy Gut?

Gut health is at the center of our well-being. Researchers have understood that our gut has a direct influence on all the other systems in our body. The discovery of the link between our gut and our mental health is what caused many to pay attention to our core. 

Why a Healthy World Revolves Around a Healthy Gut?
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A world that runs on survival mode activates stress and anxiety. To beat this situation we end up consuming medications that hinder the proper functioning of the gut. And this causes our health to deteriorate further. Many illnesses from depression to diabetes are a result of an unhealthy gut. 

What can we do? 

For most of us, this means being mindful of what we consume. A popular trend in gut health is the consumption of probiotics. These are the good bacteria that flourish in our intestine. They feed on fibers known as prebiotics. Prebiotics and probiotics are found in a number of natural foods and can be integrated into your meals for keeping you healthy. 

Dieticians and doctors stress the consumption of prebiotics and probiotics to diversify and increase the population of good gut bacteria. Fiber-rich foods such as chicory, onion, garlic, and yogurt are direct sources of prebiotics, a daily supplement like Bio X4, which is packed with probiotics, is a great alternative if you don't have much time to prepare your meals. Click here to read moreWhereas banana, artichoke, whole grains, soybeans, and green leafy vegetables are sources of Postbiotics. 

How long does it take to build a healthy gut? 

Gut scientists believe that it takes as little as 3 hours to build a new set of healthy bacteria. This means you can bring about healthy changes to the microbiome population in less than a day. Just like all living beings, microbiomes too need a regular supply of food to stay healthy. When you eat enough prebiotic foods it nourishes the probiotics which in turn eradicates the infection and inflammation causing unhealthy microbiomes. 

What is the role of Postbiotics in gut health? 

The latest discoveries reveal that probiotics and prebiotics by themselves are not responsible for keeping the gut healthy. It has been found that they secrete chemicals called Postbiotics which are the reason for a healthy gut. Postbiotics have been identified to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Here is an in-depth look at the benefits of Postbiotics

1. Reduces chances of inflammatory illnesses – Gut illnesses such as Crohn’s disease and irritable bowel syndrome are a result of inflammation. All three biotics help to enhance the population of good bacteria in the gut. This lowers inflammation and improves health. 

2. Prevents Type 2 Diabetes – initial studies show that Postbiotics help insulin work better. Microbe imbalance in the intestine leads to insulin resistance. Postbiotic components have been proven to increase insulin sensitivity. 

3. Makes Immune System strong – People with a weak immune system have a low tolerance to certain biotics. But they can tolerate postbiotic compounds which can help strengthen their immune system. 

Are Biotic supplements necessary if you are healthy? 

Probiotic and postbiotic supplements aid in recovery. Continued use of biotic supplements is not necessary if you are healthy. You can maintain a healthy and balanced microbe population by consuming natural foods rich in probiotics. Fermented foods are a great source of probiotics. Fermentation also starts with prebiotics and ends in probiotics. These probiotics then turn into Postbiotics in your gut and keep your gut healthy. 

How many probiotics reach our gut? 

There are thousands of bacterial species in the gut that together maintain intestine health. In the case of supplements, they contain only a few specific strains of bacteria. So taking regularly won’t result in a diverse microflora. These are also very sensitive. This means heat and stomach acids destroy most of them and only a few make it to your intestine. 

So consuming supplements has its benefits but does not create a huge impact as taking natural foods does. Prebiotics however are not affected by heat or acids. These strengthen the probiotics that exist in your intestine. So even if you are taking probiotic or postbiotic supplements, such as the ones from SANE, it is necessary to consume prebiotics to enhance their performance. 

Can everybody take postbiotic supplements? Is there any risk? 

No matter what supplements you decide to take it is wise to discuss with your doctor. Every person reacts differently to different compounds. Only a physician can assess the risks. Therefore before making any significant changes to your diet ask around. However, you can always eat natural sources of biotics without worrying about health risks. 

For overall wellbeing and good health, eat nutrient-rich food, get enough exercise, and sleep. And if necessary take supplements to get an extra helping hand.

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