Be The Owner Of REALMEOW From 1st Of January Onwards, Only 800 Units Available In The Universe

realmeow on sale 1.1.2021: Be The Owner Of REALMEOW From 1st Of January Onwards, Only 800 Units Available In The Universe

Dear realme fans, you will soon be able to own the limited edition realmeow at home as it can be purchased exclusively on Shopee starting 1st of January 2021, 12am at only RM429. There are only 800 units of realmeow in the universe, grab yours now. Do not forget to take photos of realmeow and share it with your friends on social media, be reminded to hashtag #realmeow and #realmeMalaysia too.

realmeow is the first designer toy launched by realme that combines both high-tech and trendsetting design. The bold and street-style design of realmeow represents the spirit of “Dare to Leap”, it is independent, breakthrough, fearless and agile. The designer toy of realme is co-designed by Mark A. Walsh, a world-famous animator of Pixar’s Finding Nemo and Character Developer of Pixar’s Monsters, Inc. 

Let’s leap to 2021 with realme’s Countdown Party too! 

realmeow leaps to space 

As the Chief Trendsetting Officer, realmeow was given the missions to democratize trendsetting culture and showcase the diversified personality of Gen-Z. In conjunction with New Year, realmeow will lead realme fans around the world in moving forward to a better 2021 as it leaps to space with their new year wishes. Everyone is invited to tune in to ‘realmeow Leaps to Space livestream’ via realme’s Facebook page on 31st December 2020 at 8pm. 

Leap to 2021 Countdown Party

The next agenda of the night will be ‘Leap to 2021 Countdown Party’ hosted together by the Kuan’s siblings - DJ Perry Kuan, the 00’s Motivator DJ in Malaysia, Ms Kuan and Jestinna Kuan with realme Malaysia. 

The countdown party will be livestreamed at both DJ Perry Kuan and realme’s Facebook page from 11.30pm onwards. Fans can also stay tuned for more surprises from realmeow as well as stand a chance in winning the giveaways from realme and UFCO while joining the livestream.


  1. congrat realme for first designer toy realmeow..looks so cool..realme fans should grab this opportunity coz its only 800 unit will be available..

  2. Realmeow so cute.. limited edition, first come first serve

  3. Cute Realmeow and cantik, realme dah ada mcm2 produk baru tentu harga berpatutan

  4. Oh my so cute laa design realmeow tu.. Heheh. Macam2 dh skrg kan realme ni

  5. comel la pulak meow² tu... makin byk produk realmee ni..

  6. Wah mesto meriah.. Realme kalau buat event best.. Banyak surprises utk fans juga. Menarik ni

  7. So cute the realmeow toy! Great idea to create this thing. The price also not bad.

  8. Cute je kan tengok realmeow tu..siapa lah bertuah yg dpt beli tu


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