5 Repairs You Never Knew Your House Needed

When we’re looking at our homes, we’re usually so focused on our interior design, we may not see underlying dangers that our homes don’t tend to show. It’s so easy to ignore the signs of an unhealthy house, and generally, we don’t see them until it's too late. By that time, the repair cost does as much damage to your pocket as your problem does to your home.

5 Repairs You Never Knew Your House Needed
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So how do we spot these problems, and how do we fix them? Below are some problems you should routinely check for, either with a professional, or yourself if you’re qualified.

1. Blocked Guttering 

Blocked guttering leads to stagnant water build-up. This is smelly and can cause many health issues. It can also cause your guttering to break, which can be expensive to repair, so it’s far easier to clean it out twice a year than have to replace your guttering if it breaks away from your wall or roof.

2. Moisture Build-up and Damp 

To avoid moisture build-up and damp make sure all your bathroom furniture has the appropriate seals around the edges, as this stops water from getting into the walls. Internal water damage can cause ceilings to cave in and also attracts pests such as silverfish and woodworm, which are very difficult to get rid of, especially if you have pets. If you detected these defects, you need to get the woodworm treatment before you start your interior design work. 

3. A Damaged and Leaky Roof 

This can be a problem in many places around the world, especially if you live somewhere with extreme weather conditions. It can lead to a range of different issues and is best fixed by an expert. Local tradespeople are always the best and you can find them by checking out online recommendations. For instance, you can look here for more info on the best commercial roofing Cherry Hills Village Colorado.

4. Drafts 

It’s best to ensure that all of your windows and external doors are double, if not triple, glazed. Drafts can waste heating, and can cause you and the rest of your household to get a cold. Drafts can also let in moisture which could damage your furniture and your house.

5. Your Boiler 

Your boiler controls your hot water and your heating. If its needs are neglected it won’t be able to keep you warm, nor provide hot water for showers and baths. If something major happens to your boiler it may even be cheaper to install a new one than get the old one repaired. Before purchasing one, it's best that you canvas different boiler prices that fits your budget. It’s good to have an expert boiler company look at your boiler at least once every year just to make sure everything is working smoothly. 

The above are just some things you should check for routinely when checking the condition of your house. It’s best to keep an eye on these things and invest in getting them fixed when you spot them, instead of waiting for them to get worse, as they can get very expensive in the long term. It’s always best to get an expert in to give your house a look over to ensure these problems don’t occur regularly, as your family could get sick due to bad living conditions. Remember to keep checking!

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