How to Maintain Good Eyesight

We only get one pair of eyes in our lifetime, so it’s essential we take good care of them from a very early age to prevent issues occurring later on down the line. Good vision helps you perform to the best of your ability, whether in the home, in the workplace, or even behind the wheel, so you’re able to have a much better quality of life. With this in mind, we should never take our eyes for granted and should do everything in our power to keep them in good health. 

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How to Maintain Good Eyesight
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Here are some top tips for maintaining good eyesight:

Eat well 

It’s generally considered to be a myth that the foods you eat have a direct link to eye health, but according to researchers, this is, in fact, absolutely true. You should be filling your daily diet plan with nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, zinc and vitamins C and E which all do their bit to prevent eye conditions related to aging, including macular degeneration and cataracts. However, if you have reached the stage where you are already suffering from cataracts, you can get them removed and improve your vision permanently with the assistance of a PanOptix® lens surgeon to carry out the procedure. 


Do you constantly leave the house and wish you had brought your sunglasses with you due to intensely bright sunlight? If you want to keep your eyes protected, carrying your sunglasses with you at all times will prevent long-term damage. The UV light radiated from the sun can drastically increase your chances of cataracts and macular degeneration. Therefore, you may need to do your research to choose a pair of glasses that blocks out up to 100% of UV rays to keep your eyes healthy.

Look away from the computer screen 

If you work on a computer, the blue light emitted may cause you to suffer from eye strain, blurred vision, and headaches, to name just a few symptoms. There are various ways you can protect your eyes if you are working all day on a computer, including:

● Ensuring your glasses prescription is up to date.

● Taking a 20-second eye break every 20 minutes and a 15-minute break every 2 hours from the screen.

● Use eye drops if you’re suffering from dry eye.

● Purchase anti-blue light glasses to filter out harmful blue light.

● Purchase a supportive chair and place the screen at a comfortable eye level.

Throw away old make-up 

If you have had make-up for several months or even years, whether it has been opened or not, you must throw it away. Liquid make-up products are more at risk of growing bacteria and even diseases, which could increase the likelihood of developing an eye infection. It is recommended that you clear out your make-up bag every three months as a minimum, as well as clean your face before you apply make-up to prevent bacteria from being rubbed into the eye.

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