Hiking Hacks: 5 Tips From Seasoned Hikers To Ensure You Have A Comfortable Adventure

Hiking is one of life's greatest pleasures. You get to reconnect with nature, spend time out relaxing, and score happy endorphins from the workout you're getting. That doesn't mean, however, that it's all sunshine and lollipops. There are plenty of issues you can come across while out wandering in the wilderness. So today, we thought we'd share some tips from seasoned hikers to help you avoid mishaps and have a comfortable adventure.

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Hiking Hacks: 5 Tips From Seasoned Hikers To Ensure You Have A Comfortable Adventure
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Have A First Aid Kit Handy

You have no idea how many novice hikers set off into the mountains without appropriate first aid supplies. Make sure you've got a travel first aid kit in your pack at all times, and if it doesn't include Sudocrem as standard, get some. 

This multi-purpose healing cream will be a lifesaver if you get cuts, insect bites, windburn, or other minor wounds. It can be a suitable alternative for many things that will definitely be in a first aid kit when you first get it but may run out without being replaced over time. 

Wear Appropriate Footwear

For a gentle hike, sneakers may be sufficient, but if you're going off-road or on a longer adventure, hiking boots are a must. They may seem like an unnecessary expense, but trust us, when you're hiking away happily and your friend who cheaped out needs the first aid kit for all their blisters, you'll be glad you made the investment. There are plenty of fashionable options available, and hiking shoes are super comfortable. So, if you fall in love with them, there’s nothing to stop you from wearing them all the time! 


Yes, shouty capitals are necessary for this one. The last thing you want to be doing is hiking around when it's pouring rain, and if a thunderstorm blows in, your adventure can turn dangerous very quickly. 

Too many rookie hikers make the mistake of just checking their local weather and then setting off on an adventure because the forecast is for a lovely day. Sure, sometimes this course of action works out, but that's just luck. When checking the weather, always make sure you do so for where you're going to be, not where you are. 

Don't Pack Too Much

Yes, there are certain essentials like snacks, water, and first aid that you absolutely must have on you at all times. But unless you're staying overnight, you don't really need much else. Pack as light as you can so you can get the maximum enjoyment out of your adventure without lugging everything but the kitchen sink around on your back. 

Take Portable Entertainment

This may seem counter-productive after our last point, but we're talking something super light here, so bear with us. This tip is particularly important if you’re staying for more than just a day trip. However, a good book, your favorite tunes, or even a portable gaming machine will never go astray. 

There's something particularly peaceful about reading a good story out in nature, and if you're staying overnight and the weather turns bad, some music and a good game will keep you occupied while you're stuck in your cabin or tent. 

Hiking is all about getting back to nature and having a thorough yet relaxing workout. Follow these tips, don't forget to research your trail, and your adventure should be quite enjoyable. With each trip, you'll learn better what works for you, and what you like, so things will get even better. It's all on the up from here!

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