Cost Effective Ways to Get a Paternity Test

Paternity is a genetic connection that can be sequenced and matched through DNA testing between father and child. When paternity is in doubt or must be established in family court due to cases that require proof before substantiating things like child custody or support, a paternity test is generally mandated or strongly recommended. Legal paternity testing can have financial, emotional, and psychological effects to all parties involved. 

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In some states, a father must provide proof of paternity especially if the child is born out of wedlock or within a civil union. Without a DNA test, a father might not be added to the birth certificate. Each state is different but, in most cases, paternity can be assumed if the couple is married or have lived in a civil union for 300 days or more before the child's birth. Visit site to learn more about DNA tests. 

Sometimes relationships go bad and divorce or separation happens. Things can get pretty nasty when financial responsibility becomes an argument in court, which is why a judge might issue a court order for paternity. The test will remove all doubt which may arise if paternity is even slightly questioned. 

How does one go about getting a cost-effective paternity test?

Several states including California and Missouri tentatively offer free DNA tests if a man disputes the paternity claim. If the test comes back as “excluded”, he will not have to pay for the cost of the test because paternity was not established. If the test results came back “cannot be excluded”, these states may require reimbursement for the testing fees because his dispute had no merit and the test proved paternity.

To see if your state has this option, contact the Department of Social Services and they will be able to assist you. 

It is important to note that court-ordered paternity tests require being tested at an accredited lab or doctor's office. Ordering a 23andMe or AncestryDNA kit might be great for working on your family tree or a chance to connect with long-lost relatives, but they are not approved or accepted by the court. This is exactly why the store-bought DNA test kits won't work in court either. Having said that, paternity tests have become quite affordable as medical technology has improved. 

One other cost-effective way to get a paternity test is to make sure it is covered by your health insurance. Researching paternity test costs and locations may seem intimidating but legitimate sites like Test Me DNA can help ease the burden of the search. 

Whether a paternity test is court-ordered or just taking one out of sheer curiosity, the ripple effect of a paternity test can have lasting repercussions which include financial, emotional, and psychological ties. 

Other at-cost savings or at-cost obligations may arise from the back end of a paternity test. Things like car or health insurance premiums may be adjusted, tax credits or payments will be affected, and all the costs or savings associated with the burden of feeding, clothing, and housing a child are all factored in.

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