How to Buy Conflict-Free Diamonds

Although it has often been said that diamonds are a girl's best friend, they are also a massive business opportunity. Consumers can pay a great deal of money for a prized stone and this may sometimes come at an additional price in regards to how the diamonds themselves were mind. Anyone who has ever seen the film Blood Diamond is likely aware that the extraction process is not always ethical. Some firms can exploit their workers and cause a massive amount of social strife. This is why it is critical to purchase conflict free diamonds. What are some of the steps which can be taken in order to ensure that your stone has been derived from humane and ethical means?

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Always Speak with Your Jeweler 

Before committing to any purchase, make it a point to speak with the jeweler or wholesale dealer in question. Ask about the origins of the stone. Any reputable jeweler will provide you with a completely transparent description of how the diamond went from the mine to the marketplace. If he or she is unwilling (or unable) to answer basic questions, the stone itself is suspect. Even if a stone is KP (Kimberly Process) certified, this alone is not enough to ensure that it did not arise from exploitative means. 

Countries to Avoid 

Some nations are known for their dismal track records involving the ways in which diamond miners are treated. While this is not saying that all firms associated with these countries are employing illegal methods, it is still best to avoid specific regions. These include: 


  Sierra Leone

• Liberia


Of course, there are a handful of other nations associated with transparent, ethical and environmentally friendly diamond mining. Canada and South Africa are two well-known examples. Other countries including Namibia and Botswana can likewise be considered, as they employ smaller firms which will then redirect profits back into local economies. 

Deal with Ethical Jewelers 

It is finally important to search for jewelers and suppliers who are committed to ethical diamond sourcing. Some of the most respected online distributors have shown that they will not accept stones simply due to their value. You can then remain confident in the fact that you are not contributing to the problem. 

Please note that diamonds sourced by ethical methods may cost slightly more. Still, one can never put a price on peace of mind. Always ask for certification and make certain that evidence is provided in regards to how the diamonds were mined. This is also why is prudent to deal with distributors associated with reputable organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS). 

Purchasing conflict free diamonds will ensure that you are making a sound and ethical decision. Furthermore, every stone which is obtained in such manner will cripple illegal mining firms that continue to exploit their workers. Thankfully, there are numerous online options at your disposal.

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