Ideas for Renovating Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can be tricky to renovate, especially if they’re not very spacious.  How do you fit everything in without it feeling cramped?  How do you make the most of your bathroom and create a stunning look?  These are questions many of us struggle to answer. Below are some creative ideas to help you use your space well and add a touch of designer styling. 

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Ideas for Renovating Your Bathroom
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Create a sleek shower space

Showers are much easier than baths to fit into a smaller or awkwardly shaped space, so they’re ideal for most bathrooms.

Installing glass doors will help keep the bathroom looking like one big space, rather than dividing it up.  They’re easy to keep clean and don’t block any natural light.

Whether you go for a chic concealed mixer shower or a modern electric shower, you will need to have them professionally installed.  Your conventional or electric shower installation costs will depend on what type of heating and water system you have in your home or apartment.

Install a wow factor basin

Why not create a real visual impact with a designer-look basin?  Whether it’s a stone, glass, or marble bowl-shaped design, or a uniquely shaped ceramic version, it’s up to you.  Basins have got more inventive in recent times, so it’s worth exploring all the options on the market.

Don’t stop at the basin itself.  Make sure you choose a wow factor faucet too.  Sleek and modern mixer taps or wall-mounted taps will look super stylish with your designer basin.

Maximize your storage

Especially if your bathroom is on the small side, you’ll need to maximize your storage.  Adding shelves above your head height will mean that bottles and towels can be stored easily without taking up your floor space or hinder you as you shower.

Over-the-door hanging storage is another useful way of making the most of your space.  Adding hooks can also help keep things neat and organized.

Decorative touches

When you haven’t got much space in the bathroom, it can be tempting to leave it plain and simple.  But adding decorative touches can add a lot of personality and style to a small space.  Wall-mounted lights, pretty mirrors, art prints, and coordinating soap dispensers and bottles all make a bathroom look more pleasing to the eye.

Add finishing touches with plants, coordinating towels, and a new bathmat.  Getting the little details right can be just as important as a nice shower or basin.

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