How to Pair Ear Jackets with Feminine Dresses & Smart Casual

Hey! the festive and holiday season is just around the corner even though this year most of us will be celebrating at home. However, I’m sure we don’t want to miss the festive vibes and excitement of dressing up and taking memorable photos with our loved ones, family members, and close friends. Therefore, I found something interesting, and here is how to pair ear jackets with feminine dresses and smart casual.

How to Pair Ear Jackets with Feminine Dress and Smart Casual


Jewelry plays an important role in complementing your outfit and it’s a statement that makes us sparkle. It is also a way to express your style and personality. Our choices of clothes speak about our style, accessories help to elevate it to the next level. 

Today I would like to share some tips for accessorizing your outfit. It’s alright even if you don’t plan to buy new clothes for this festive season, all you need to do is to accessorize them! With the right piece, it can take you on many occasions and suit any style or mood. 

Ear jackets are so unique and versatile too, therefore we are going to discover different ways how to pair them. And I’m sure it's going to look good and suits every season. 

fan-shaped gold ear jackets
Fan-shaped gold ear jackets

The Feminine Look 

I have picked a pair of oriental fan-shaped gold ear jackets to pair with my oriental caftan silk dress. Both will go well and complement each other as it not too loud or overwhelming. 

Sensu Ring
Sensu Ring

Plus, I also found a ring that goes well with the overall look. These are perfect and comfortable for all-day celebrations from day to night be it at home or outside. 

Fan Clutch
Fan Clutch

To elevate it further and add  a bit of glam, I can hold a fan clutch if I’m going for a semi-formal function. Awesome right! 

Smart Casual, Pink White Stripe Jacket, Lady, Garden
Smart Casual Look

The Smart Casual Look

This smart casual daily look also goes well with the pearl ear jackets that are so versatile and it can easily mix and match with any outfit. 

Pearl Ear Jackets
Pearl Ear Jackets

Some tips when you purchase accessories if you want something that you can wear on a daily basis find a piece that on neutral color, if you are looking for a statement piece then go all way out for the bold color and visibility.

Aright! So now you have some inspirations and ideas for what to prepare and wear for your next family or friends gathering. Hopefully, you enjoy this sharing and have a pleasant day ahead.

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