Why Camping in 2021 is the Perfect Antidote to 2020

What a year it’s been. Looking back over the past few months, it’s difficult to fully come to terms with just how stressful life has become. Still, we’re looking forward to a brighter 2021 in which the vaccine for the virus is delivered to people worldwide, including many millions of vulnerable people. This will mean that we can emerge from lockdown and return to some semblance of normality soon. In the meantime, a camping trip where you can enjoy the space and the peace of the great outdoors is just about the best vacation to enjoy in the early months of 2021. Below, we explain why.

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Why Camping in 2021 is the Perfect Antidote to 2020
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Getting Away

All vacations require getting away. You’re interested in leaving your troubles and stresses behind when you jet off to a beach-spotted island or to a fascinating European city. You’re getting away from normality and from the sense of boredom that you feel when you’re at home.

That sense of boredom has been magnified many times since the advent of the coronavirus. You’ve been trapped at home for longer than should be reasonably expected of a sane person. And you’ve got so used to your four walls that this Christmas doesn’t feel quite as cozy as previous ones. That’s why camping is the tonic: it’s freeing, and all you have around you after months indoors will be the sounds and sights of nature.


While you may usually go away for a beach vacation, this year you might be craving a different kind of trip — one which puts you outside your comfort zone and allows you to meet new and exciting challenges. That’s what camping is all about, after all. It’s about rediscovering your wild side and proving to yourself that you don’t need domesticity to be happy and content.

Some would-be campers are concerned about the cold and the wet, but you’re more than able to prepare for adverse weather with the right equipment. Look online for the best cold weather sleeping bags opportunities, the best cold weather 4 person tents, and the best stoves and cookers, all of which will keep you toasty and warm on your adventure. 

Digital Detox

Finally, this has been the year that has seen us spend more time on our screens than ever before. You’ve been waking up and working from home, you’ve been video conferencing with family and friends, you’ve watched more television and movies than you might usually watch, and maybe you’ve invested in a games console, too.

So, it’s no surprise that millions of people are feeling the urge to detox from their digital lives and switch off the smartphones. This is exactly what you can do when you camp: you’re leaving screens at home and all the stresses that comes from being at home working. You can simply sit back and relax and enjoy the sensation of being cut off for a day or two.

Camping is a primal and exciting challenge, something that will refresh you and rejuvenate you and your family after months spent inside your home. Plan your trip today to get the most out of the start of 2021.

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